8 Must-Try Bars & Restaurants in Rockwell, Makati

Rockwell, well, well…Can you believe that it’s been almost a year since we opened our coworking space in Rockwell Center, Makati? And by now, we’ve probably already tried every single F&B establishment around the neighborhood. 

Here are some of the bars and restaurants that you should add to your “must-try” list if you want to wind down after work. 

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Craving for breakfast food? Refinery is best known for its all-day breakfast menu! You can even pair some of them with a wine or a cocktail of your liking. Besides the food, what’s more to love in Refinery is its rustic ambiance, giving it a homey feel to go with your meal! 

What to try: Angry Pasta, Refinery Bread Pudding, Vegetarian Breakfast, Sangria, Bacon Infused Bloody Mary

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CDP Global Kitchen

CDP, short for Chef du Partie, is a restaurant offering dishes inspired by Paris, Manila, and New York. The quaint restaurant serves well-curated meals that are perfect to partner with their wines and cocktails. It’s a great destination for people trying to explore food and wine pairings.

What to try: Manuka Chevre, Maine Lobster Vongole, Trade, Old Fashioned, Anjou

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Rambla combines Spanish Catalan food with Mediterranean influences. Inspired by La Rambla street in Barcelona, Spanish Chef Pepe Lopez, head chef of RAMBLA, creates a unique dining experience by combining traditional flavors with its modern menu. What sets this restaurant apart from other Spanish fusion restaurants is the creativity that goes into the crafting and presenting of the dishes.

What to try: Sicilian Limonata, Tagliatelle & Scallops, Chicken & Seafood Coulant, For Chocolate Lovers

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

This coffee bar by UCC is made for all the health buff who wants to have a good time minus the guilt! Aside from their usual menu, Eight Coffee Bar offers an Adlai menu that offers savory dishes made from locally cultivated bead-like grains which is a healthier substitute for rice. After dinner, head over to their AlFresco area and enjoy the view of Rockwell drive over a glass of sangria or their signature cocktails.

What to try: Squid Ink Adlai Paella, Vegetarian Sausage Breakfast, Steak & Eggs, Alhambra, Cherry-mansi

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Le Bistro Du Dr. Wine

You don’t have to go to Paris to experience a decent French meal and great wine!

Dr. Wine is by far the best wine bar that we’ve tried near Rockwell. More than its rustic yet sophisticated ambiance, this bistro offers a beautiful wine selection for those who have specific preferences, and a few scrumptious variety of charcuterie and cheese platters. Their menu is quite reasonable and won’t cost you a fortune for a decent French bistro experience. 

What to try: A good bottle of wine and charcuteries. 

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Mamou Too!

In the mood to have steak and red wine? Mamou Too! is known for good quality steaks. Try their Angus Ribeye USDA prime grade steak or their dry-aged porterhouse and pair it with a good wine. The restaurant’s look does not fit into any of your usual steakhouses. Mamou Too is a bit theatrical in the sense that the interior design is comparable to an old opera house in Paris—with vintage mirrors, candle wax drips, and enormous chandeliers! 

Phantom Of The Opera is shakiiinnng…

What to try: Angus Ribeye Steak, Dry Aged Porterhouse, Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream, Mamou’s Mimosa, Bloody Mamou

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From the owners of Single Origin, Nikkei offers a very special Japanese dining experience. Nikkei means “Japanese outside Japan” and this restaurant truly lives up to the etymology of its name. This restaurant serves a fusion of Japanese cuisine with Peruvian cooking. If you can’t imagine these two going together, then you should definitely give them a visit because it is a must-try!

What to try: Spicy Sake Martini, Pomelito Tiraditos, Green Ceviche, Seabass Katsu Set

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Single Origin

Single Origin is a cafe and restaurant on the ground floor of Edades Tower and Garden Villas. This place is perfect for those of you who frequent restaurants that almost feel like home since the entire place is adorned by beautiful rustic furniture pieces, wood accent walls, and workspace corners. What’s more to love in Single Origin is they do not just serve coffee and breakfast food all day, they also have wine and other alcoholic beverages if you’re looking for a chill nightcap.

What to try: Mimosas, Breakfast Pizza, and Crab Fat Pasta, 

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