8 Ways To Save This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than by NOT spending! We’ve made a list to remind you that your hard-earned Christmas bonus is not always meant for buying gifts. Here are our tips on how you can save this holiday season. 

Set a realistic budget

Before planning on your gifts, it is important to know if you’ll have enough budget to cover your monthly expenses. Be realistic about your spending cap. Will you have extra $$$ for gifts after paying your bills? Does it cover your everyday needs? Setting a budget can help you make smart decisions this Christmas and prevent you from tossing your money out the window. 

Track your spending 

Having a tracker whether it’s on a spreadsheet, an app or a notebook can keep you – duh – on track. A tracker will remind you of the things that you need instead of spending your money on wants. Tip: Make your life easier by creating a tracker for your daily, monthly, and holiday spendings.

Watch out for holiday sales

Holiday discounts are the way to go if you’re planning to save this holiday season. However, do your research first about the products and the original prices which you can usually find online!

DIY your gifts

Adding personal touch to your gifts can help you save! There are tons of free arts and crafts courses that you can take online. We’re sure your friends will appreciate the effort you put into making those presents!

Or… instead of buying gifts

Maybe consider spending your Christmas bonus on starting your own business. We’re sure your friends and relatives will understand. No idea where to start? How about consider taking a few courses online to level up your business skills. 

Share your blessings

Celebrate the spirit of giving this Christmas with organizations that support people with disabilities or orphans. It’s not every day you get to spend Christmas with people who need joy and support this holiday season. 

Invest in your future

Always think of your future whenever you’re tempted to overspend. Keep that extra cash for your emergency savings. Invest in your future by establishing emergency plans for your health or any life mishaps. 

Stay at home…Enjoy a warm cup of eggnog or hot chocolate.

Cozy up to your place, have a list of your favorite films and invite your friends over. Having Christmas at home is more budget-friendly than eating out. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal in the comfort of your home! 

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