A checklist to get you prepared before an earthquake.

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Luzon, Philippines last April 22, 2019, that left a considerable amount of damages and casualties in Metro Manila. We care so much about our community so we’ve outlined an earthquake safety tips and preparation from The Department of the Interior and Local Government – National Capital Region in case an earthquake occurs in the future.

Regular House Repairs

Regular inspection of the structural integrity of your home including repairs and checking if your furniture/appliances are properly secured will give your home extra security.

Prepare a ‘Go Bag’

A ‘go bag’ contains essential and non-perishable items you will be needing in the event of an evacuation that can sustain you for 72-hours like easy-open lids, first-aid kit, important documents, clothes, and safety equipment.

Lifesaving Skills

Being trained on Basic Life Support – First Aid will come in handy in the face of a disaster. There are several institutions and hospitals that offer such training to interested people. Learning basic lifesaving skills will prove to be helpful for you, your family, and the people around you during an earthquake.

Evacuation Plan

Nothing beats a man with a plan in case an emergency strikes. Have an evacuation plan with your family: coordinate where to meet in case of a massive emergency and have everyone’s number ready. It is also important to know where the nearest evacuation site where you live and where you work so you know where you will be heading after the earthquake. The nearest evacuation areas in our Acceler8 locations are as follows:

Legazpi Village – Legaspi Active Park

Salcedo Village – Jaime C Velasquez Park

Rockwell Center – Along Rockwell Drive by Ateneo Grad School

Click this link to learn more about earthquake safety tips, preparation, and readiness.

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