Acceler8 Community’s Online Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many businesses to shut down temporarily while others needed to pivot their whole process to continue operations. As everything is available digitally now, there are new opportunities to help these businesses adapt to the new normal. Technology allows us to find means and connect with the public in many ways.

For some, being stuck at home creates a lot of free time to think and hone their skills. This pandemic has made a lot of individuals think outside the box to keep themselves busy and create another source of income. There are several people that have decided to start an online business to either survive, help the cause to fight COVID-19, or to just pursue their passion. 

In fact, we have some community members that have started their own online business! Here are some things from our community that you might enjoy:

Sò Satin Facemasks

The new normal has required a new fashion trend – face masks. Face masks are needed to protect ourselves and those around us from the virus. 3-ply filter, reusable and modern face masks that keep you fashionable at the same time! Learn how to order from their Instagram page!


ZibsPH offers face shields to help you bounce back in the new normal as these are now a necessity. Not only will they protect you, but there is a wide selection to suit your style! All Zibs Shields come with a Zibs bag and a cleaning cloth. Place your essentials inside and you’re ready to go! Check out their Instagram page here


These leather shoes are made by Marikina shoemakers that are also greatly affected by this pandemic. Not only will you be fashionable, but you will also be helping this community bounce back from this crisis! See their wide selection of footwear here


The Philippines online shopping service! Why send cash, when you can buy directly from stores in the Philippines? Treats4Them is designed to allow you to purchase goods and services for your family and friends in the country! Check out their website for more details here


Alero is a slang word that means “best friend or wingman”. AlerosPH uses different flavors from different places and incorporates them into their tacos. As your “Alero”, their goal is to provide Latin comfort food that puts a smile on your face. Check out their full menu here

The Cookie Culture

Reward yourself with a delicious treat from time to time. Get your favorite chocolate chip cookie from The Cookie Culture! More flavors are coming as well so make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook page.


Who doesn’t love garlic? Siligarlic offers delicious garlic drenched in extra virgin olive oils. Whether you like them spicy, crunchy, or savory, Siligarlic has them all! Be sure to check out their Instagram or Facebook page to order!

Golden Crumb Manila

Just some homemade golden goodness that could be delivered anywhere in the metro. Order the #bestbananabreadever from Golden Crumb Manila! Learn how to order one on their Instagram or Facebook page.


During these trying times, for sure we’ve all craved that indulgent comfort food. Check out Chumtee for affordable comfort food like baby back ribs, chicken wings, and milktea! You can view their full menu and details on how to order via their Facebook page.

Papaya Tree Farms

Papaya Tree Farms offers salad greens and veggie boxes for home deliveries in select locations of Metro Manila weekly! They specialize in different cut, washed, and packed salad mixes – saving you prep time and minimizing kitchen waste! Learn more from their Instagram here

Has the new normal led you to start an online business of your own? If so, let us know and we’d be more than happy to share it with our community! 

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