Acceler8 Rockwell Safety Guidelines

Please be aware that Acceler8 will closely follow these new workspace protocols, in accordance with the DOH, to keep our workspace COVID-free.

Acceler8 Team

  • The team will be required to wear face masks and face shields inside A8 at all times. Additionally, our office assistants will be wearing PPEs. 
  • We will be strictly observing social distancing measures and minimal contact interactions. 
  • Acceler8 will make sure to exert maximum effort to keep you safe in the office premises. Make sure you do your part by staying healthy and keeping safe, for you and your household’s sake.

Interactions and Transactions

  • We encourage all our interactions to be as contactless as possible. Stay safe at home and get in touch with a Community Manager through our Virtual Helpdesk ( during business hours.
  • To ensure close monitoring of the number of people in Acceler8, we will be requiring all appointments to be scheduled and confirmed with Community Managers. Appointments include: 
    • coworking day passes for walk-ins, gold coworking plan holders, and virtual office clients
    • pick up or send out of mails and parcels
    • account renewals, settling payments, OR preparations
    • conference room bookings, including declaring headcount of outside guests 
  • All documents, mails, parcels will be requested to be delivered and picked up to and from the building lobby. 
  • We highly encourage all payments to be settled via bank transfer or online credit card transactions.
  • Visitors and guests will be asked to also comply with our policies. Please relay the guidelines to your guests as necessary.

Coworking Day Passes

We’ve reduced the number of coworking workstations to accommodate social distancing. To ensure that we can allot you a seat, kindly schedule your day pass with a Community Manager.

Mails, Parcels, and Business Documents

  • You may arrange the schedule of pick up or request for delivery of your mails and parcels by filling up this form:
  • Most of the Acceler8 team is continuing to work from home. With this, we only have one assigned representative to attend to all on-site concerns. Due to the lean workforce, we will NOT be accepting unscheduled releasing of mail and documents.
  • We will only accommodate one authorized representative per company.
  • For submission of original business documents, we will also need at least one day prior notice.

Account Renewals and Finance Matters

  • You may course all accounts and finance related matters  through your account manager or through
  • We highly recommend you to settle your account through online banking channels.
  • For the time being, all payments will be issued a scanned copy of the official receipt.

What to Expect Upon Arrival at Phinma Plaza

  • Alcohols, hand sanitizers, and tissue papers are available at the lobby entrance.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands at the handwashing stations which are located at the Lobby entrance and at the B1 Delivery Area.
  • Kindly follow the marker cues that allow one (1) meter distance between visitors on queuing to ensure physical distancing.
  • Vehicles entering the basement parking must go through a disinfection process.
  • Body temperatures will be checked using a thermal scanner at the Lobby entrance / B1 Parking / B2 Interconnection and is required for all employees or visitors. Only employees or visitors cleared during screening shall be allowed to enter the building. Those with a body temperature of 37.6°C or above and with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter the building and will be referred to a doctor or to the nearest hospital.
  • Prior to entering the building, all clients and guests need to accomplish the Visitor’s Health Checklist Form.
  • Your body temperature will be checked and recorded in the mentioned checklist.

What to Expect Upon Entering Acceler8

  • All clients and guests are required to observe social distancing of one (1) meter apart. Our receiving areas will have markers and partitions for visual cues. 
  • We have assigned hallways as one way to avoid brushing past each other. We will be implementing a counterclockwise flow of people. For narrow hallways and passageways, kindly take turns and observe social distancing when passing through.
  • Please observe social distancing between yourself, A8 team, and other clients.
  • Be aware of high traffic areas and commonly touched surfaces.
  • There are provisions for alcohol dispensers placed along the hallways and common areas, feel free to sanitize your hands as you go.

Coworking Area and Common Areas

Coworking seats have been reduced and rearranged to observe proper distancing. We will be providing signages to indicate whether a specific workspace has been sanitized already or is due for cleaning. Please help us keep track which workstations need to be sanitized by leaving the signage on the desk.

Conference Rooms 

  • We highly encourage you to take your meetings online. However, when the need arises to conduct face to face meetings, our conference rooms will be made available with precautions. 
  • Please endorse any outside guests to the Community Manager beforehand. Guests will be asked to comply with the same guidelines mentioned above.
  • Like the coworking area, our meeting rooms have reduced seating capacity to observe distancing. C1, C2, and C3 may accommodate a maximum of 5 people at a time. 
  • After use, you may keep the lights and aircon on to avoid the need to touch the switches and controls. Our team will be the one to turn these off.
  • Expect a 15-minute window for cleaning and sanitizing the room.

Private Offices

  • Please inform the Community Managers of your team’s shifting so that we can relay this to the building admin and our on-site team.
  • We recommend you to implement a one (1) meter social distancing within your office. Kindly let our team know if you need help rearranging your things.
  • Should you need assistance from the on-site team, you may reach them via a landline. Just dial in 126. 
  • For account-related concerns and other matters, you may speak to a Community Manager through our Virtual Helpdesk ( during business hours.
  • We will implement a daily cleaning schedule for each suite. Kindly let our Community Managers know if you’ll authorize our team to open your office for further disinfection and sanitation or if you have a preferred schedule so that someone from your team can be present.


  • We will not be providing any common plates, mugs, and utensils until further notice. We encourage you to bring your own reusable utensils and tumblers. 
  • Common phone and phone booths will be off-limits.
  • The use of printers will still be available. However, we highly encourage clients to send the document via email to any A8 personnel present so they can have it printed for you.
  • Acceler8 events are currently on hold but we have regular webinars you can join via Facebook!

Kindly note that our safety guidelines vary from center to center as we are working closely with each landlord to ensure your safety.

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