Benefits Of Boutique Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are sprouting everywhere with qualities that differ from aesthetics, facilities, and community which leads to the question, What makes a coworking space conducive to work?

It’s arguable that when it comes to size, bigger coworking spaces could house a larger number of businesses providing more opportunities for their members. But that factor shouldn’t intimidate smaller coworking spaces as their strength lies within the genuine closeness and stability of their community.

Here are some of the benefits of working in a small coworking space:

1. Easy Collaboration: Small Coworking spaces have limited spots for zoning out encouraging coworkers to share a table and interact with each other. They tend to collaborate easier since everyone knows everyone.

2. Relaxed ambiance: The feeling of being at home in a work-conducive space is one of the top reasons why coworkers stay in small coworking spaces. A small space with beautiful furniture pieces, decorations, and better lighting makes a workspaces’ ambiance more relaxing even if these coworking spaces are situated in the fast-paced cities. A comfortable atmosphere can also improve coworkers’ creativity and productivity.

3. Stronger Ties: Convincing coworkers to join any community-related activities are way easier than larger coworking spaces — giving giving them more reasons to strike a conversation over a few drinks. This leads to many mutually beneficial exchanges such as establishing opportunities through business partnerships and collaborations.

4. Sense of Belongingness: Since everyone is well-acquainted with the community, coworkers often get excited to welcome a new addition to their community — making new members feel welcome the moment they enter their new workspace. This will also help them adapt to the environment quickly.

5. Supportive Community: While it’s true that there is a better network of opportunities in larger coworking spaces, the power of small workspaces lay in the closeness of the community. Want to know what people think about your newest app, services or products? Coworkers in boutique coworking spaces are more supportive of everyone’s ventures. In fact, Quiddity Usability Labs, one of our members before used to conduct UX/UI surveys within our community. So keep up the strong bond because you’ll never know when you’re gonna need that extra push from your coworkers.

Creating Real Connections Video with Quiddity

At the end of the day, choosing a coworking space should depend on your requirements and preferences. If any of these benefits speaks to you and matches your work principle, then perhaps going to a small but work-conducive coworking space is the best option for you.

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