Creating Culture, Cultivating Real Connections

When asked the question, “What makes a great company ‘great’” a lot of primary factors come into play like the compensation they give to their employees, how established their brand is, and its placement in the industry. Most people believe that these three elements are sufficient to attract quality employees and valuable customers to them. However, the most important factor in the success of companies is one that is often overlooked: workplace culture. This is the deciding role in retaining both customers and employees in an organization.

Work culture has always been important, but today, it’s been reduced to a buzzword thrown around in team buildings and motivational talks. Cultivating a healthy work culture at work is important because it is what will differentiate your company from the competition. It’s also what attracts the right employees and brings in the right customers.

The culture in the workspace is now a factor that is being considered by millennials when choosing a company to work for. According to Pew Research Center, more than 30% of the workforce today is composed of millennials, and this will continue to increase in the years to come. Millennials want to work for companies that share their same values. They want to feel like their work has a purpose and makes a difference. In short, they want a good culture fit.

In a nutshell, work culture is an intangible environment that makes some places great to work and other places toxic. What defines the workplace culture of a company is its core ideologies and how it imparts it to the employees and to the customers.

A positive work culture should be at the forefront of considerations because it contributes in bringing out the best from your employees even in the most trying situations. Negativity not only inhibits creativity and kills the will to perform but it also does not allow an employee to develop a sense of affection and belongingness with the rest of the organization.

The workplace is where you spend a huge part of your day and a majority of your life. If employees are content and thriving at work, it will reflect in their overall personality and growth as a human being as well as in their output. The collective impact of a good work environment is more than increased productivity and customer satisfaction. It affects the growth of the people working in the company in a personal, holistic sense. Good work culture is one which encourages employees to behave like a family and watch each others’ back while having a professional atmosphere as its guide.

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