Ever heard of Blockchain Technology?

Ever heard of Blockchain Technology?

No worries, we have yet to learn about this technology! 

For some, its definition is still elusive and is commonly identified with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but to put it simply, blockchain provides a decentralized database of every transaction involving money, property, value and goods—that is accessible and managed by a crowd instead of relying on a single entity or any third party organizations, like banks or government.  

If you’re still dazed and confused about it, here’s a fun and simplified Blockchain facts by World Economic Forum:

The First Blockchain Space in the Philippines

You probably want to check out the country’s first Blockchain Space that aims gather Fintech professionals, businesses or even newbies who want to embrace this so-called modern technology. Launched last May 22, Acceler8 by UnionSPACE and SCI Ventures joined the blockchain space network that currently operates across Southeast Asia to provide education, mentorship and a supportive community to anyone interested to learn about blockchain.

“With the fast-paced growth of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in both the Philippines and the region, we’ve found this to be a perfect partnership with SCI in terms of timing and service offerings. Combining SCI’s leading position in terms of maturity and knowledge and Blockchain Space’s plethora of business services, we aim to spearhead initiatives in growing the industry and supporting those already active,” –Peter Ing, Philippine Country Head of Blockchain Space Asia. 

This initiative will roll out education modules to those new to the industry and support existing players with more advanced training modules—that will equip the community with tools to grow regionally in Southeast Asia through access to capital, access to the network, incorporation services, legal and other blockchain advisory services. 

Now if you’re all hyped up about Blockchain, you should swing by on June 20, 2018 cos SCI will be launching its first event that will tackle legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting the blockchain industry.

Blockchain, Policy and Regulation
Blockchain, Policy and Regulation at Acceler8 111 Paseo

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