Finding That Electric Strong

Finding That Electric Strong

I walked in Electric Studio for the first time with mixed expectations. A lot of people were telling me to take it easy since its my first time and that I might “die” during my first ride. It terrified me, but given that my rides were about to expire, I had to try it out or else it’s money down the drain.

Bright colors of orange greeted me along with a cheerful crew. The space had everything necessary–a waiting area, lockers for your bags, and (most importantly) a clean bathroom. The energy in the studio would really pump you up for your ride! Mind you, I took my first ride during the last day of a long weekend so my initial vibe was with my bed back home LOL.

Photo from Electric Studio's Facebook page
Photo from Electric Studio’s Facebook page

I didn’t do any prior research about indoor cycling so I was, basically, going in blind. When the ride started, I thought, “Ok this doesn’t seem too bad, I think I can do this.” But then my instructor, Mel, pulled out some choreography and she just lost me right there. After the sprints, I looked like I was going to pass out. As expected, I woke up the next day with a sore body. I couldn’t bend down or squat because my legs felt like the embodiment of hell itself.

I rested for a day, and now, a year later I’m still riding with them. Eventually, everything got better–my coordination, my form, my sprints, my lungs. I was even able to lift heavier weights after a few rides! The key, I believe, is discipline and consistency. Consistency builds your endurance and being disciplined helps keep things consistent.

Finding That Electric Strong
Class photo with Kyla’s themed ride Drake & Xxxtentacion. Photo from Kyla.

I tried other indoor cycling studios as well, but what kept me going back to Electric was the fact that it is better than everything else. It lives true to its tagline–Electric Strong. It has this no-bullshit take on indoor cycling. The studio may not have fancy production lights, or ridiculously expensive bikes, but they do keep the two most important things on point–the energy and the workout. You have this crew that keeps you motivated and keeps that energy alive. And on top of that, each ride keeps pushing your limits, no matter how many rides you’ve done in the past!

Check out Electric Studio at They have branches in Salcedo, BGC, and Ortigas. Acceler8 members also get an exclusive 10% discount on their regular rides! ???



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