Getting Lost in Bangkok

Getting Lost in Bangkok

It is official! UnionSPACE Thailand is finally open and ready to greet you Sa-wat dee!

So what makes this space so beautiful?

You’ll probably find the space overwhelming at first, considering that it occupies a whole building but once you see the beauty of it, from the aesthetics to the welcoming ambiance, you’ll definitely want to get lost in this space and find a spot where you can just zone out and get things done. Feel free to waltz across the coworking space to the al fresco areas or even hit the sack when you’re all tired and yawning—and by that we meant, fresh sheets and soft pillows!

Outdoor coworking area in UnionSPACE Thailand

Cozy capsule in UnionSPACE Thailand

But this space isn’t just about comfortability, it is also driven by culture. The embellished walls of traditional Thai patterns, designs, and ornaments of the space shows that UnionSPACE Thailand vows to capture its local culture through community initiatives.

And speaking of culture, we don’t want to keep you confined since there are a lot of incredible places to visit in “The Land of Smiles” that you need to experience, and it only requires a few Thai phrases to survive! So before we brave Bangkok, let’s brush up on our language skills, shall we?

1. Sa-wat dee | Hi/Hello

Simply say sah wah dee khrap (for gents) or sah wah dee khaa (for ladies) to say Hello.

2. Khop koon | Thank You

Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude! Always thank the people who serve you that delicious Pad Thai.

3. Khor tort | Sorry

Accidentally spilled someone else’s Singha Beer? Worry not, just say khor tort and everything will be Fine.

4. Gee baht? | How much?

With all the affordable goodies and beautiful shopping areas in Bangkok, you definitely need to know how to ask gee baht?

5. Lot noi dai mai? | Can you lower down the price, please?

We all love to haggle and get a discount, just politely ask lot noi dai mai? and make that negotiation skills work.

6. Mai Ow | No, thank you. 

You’ll definitely pass by street vendors that will offer you stuff you don’t like, and if you’re in the mood to say no, just say mai ow.

7. Yoo tee nai…? | where is…?

In case you get lost, just whip out that map, point at a place and say yoo tee nai. Thais are very helpful with directions so you don’t have sweat about it.

8. A-roi | Yummy

We bet you’ll say this a lot than usual, cos really, who wouldn’t love Thai cuisine?

Take it from us, the best way to practice is to strike up a conversation with your coworkers! A tad bit shy? Just say hi or Sa-wat dee to our Community Managers and ask them to introduce you to UnionSPACE Thailand community. Check out this virtual tour of UnionSPACE Thailand during its launch.


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