Importance Of Flexible Workspaces During The COVID-19 Crisis

Philippine businesses are starting to shift to the “new normal” as the government eases community quarantine. That’s why client-facing industries, such as the workspace industry, have developed a clear-cut plan to implement safety measures and offer alternative solutions to different working arrangements.

Companies will have to adhere to government guidelines on social distancing for their offices which suggests that workspace densities will have to be reduced to at least 50%. This leaves businesses with three options for their workforce: (1) scout for a temporary workspace; (2) adopt a remote work or work-from-home setup; and (3) apply an A/B skeletal shifting.

Coworking spaces can help with this rising need for workspace options and provide your company with solutions for your business continuity plans. Here are a few reasons why businesses should evolve with flexible workspaces once they return from quarantine!


Move into your office whenever you want. Coworking spaces are fully-equipped with anything your team will need – workstations, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, refreshments, telephones, printing services, and reception assistance. You don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of setting up an office. All you have to do is bring your laptops and a-games on; they’ll handle the rest!


You might not need all the functions of an office space. Coworking spaces offer a variety of solutions to fit your requirements. There are Serviced Offices for those looking to relocate some of their staff from the company HQ. Virtual Offices are for companies who simply need a business address while their team works from home. Coworking Seats for those who work remotely but who’s homes aren’t conducive for productivity. Conference Rooms if you just need a private space (for an hour or two) to meet your clients, teams, partners, or investors.


During this time of crisis, companies have to be more cautious of their cash flows. Coworking spaces can help reduce some of your costs where fees are already inclusive of utilities or administrative costs such as internet, water, electricity, receptionists, office cleaners, and sanitation/disinfection efforts. Through flexible workspaces, you can also sign up on more flexible terms which range from daily up to a year. Your commitment to your office will entirely be up to your requirements!


Coworking spaces have an existing network of people your business can collaborate with, conduct business with, or partner up with. Within this community, you have the opportunity to promote or test your products and services. In times such as this, it’s also important to surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through and can help you keep your mental health in check.

Work-From-Home Friendly

For businesses that have decided to continue a work-from-home setup, these workspace providers offer Virtual Office plans where you can still function as a legitimate business without the need to have a physical office space.  A basic Virtual Office plan includes a business address you can use for any formal document and company registration. It also includes a virtual receptionist to answer your company hotline, receive your mails or parcels, and have these mails delivered straight to your door.

Looking for business continuity options for your team? Send your requirements at and we’ll see how we can help you bounce back!

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