Learn How to Feed and Cultivate a Healthy Work Culture

We have talked about what it means to have a healthy work culture and the importance of having one. If you’ve missed it, you can check it out here. In Acceler8’s first happy hour special for 2019, we have invited a panel of esteemed personalities to talk about the importance of a healthy workplace culture. These experts give some insight on how a healthy work environment can positively affect one’s team.  


Gino Cabigao, founder of Human Resources 101% shares with us that in order to create a conducive workplace environment, you should “F.E.E.D.” your company culture: Foundation, Evolve, Engage, and Develop; this is a concept that he has been using to effectively work with his own team. When creating a healthy company culture, Gino shares that it must have a solid foundation that is built on common goals and values. He says that with the right people and a strong foundation, your company can go far.


The second step in Gino’s FEED concept is Evolve. He tells us that companies should keep on evolving by continuously developing and changing the best practices in their respective businesses. As leaders of your respective companies, you should be able to adapt your practices to be able to keep up with the changing times; see what fits and what doesn’t fit with your employees. Neva Talladen, founder and CEO of Swoop PH, adds that it is not enough that the practices of the company change with the times, the employees should do it as well. Neva shares that if your employees show willingness to improve, be present to coach them as much as you can.

The third step in Gino’s FEED concept is to ensure that you have a healthy work environment is to constantly engage your employees. Communicate with them as often as you can; let them feel welcome in the company as much as you can. This will aid in fostering openness with each other, which would lead to having a transparent and healthy environment in the office. Monica Ong, Art Director and Office Manager of TransBiz shares that companies are always built on trust, and this is further cultivated by talking and being honest to your team. Patrick Orias of Eatigo adds to this by saying that when engaging with your team, see where they are coming from, but be firm in keeping the values of the company.

Lastly, Gino says that another step in creating a healthy work environment is through development. Ask feedback from everyone on what needs improvement or what needs changing, and develop it. It’s never wrong to always keep things fresh in the office. You can do this through weekly feedback surveys and one-on-ones with your teammates. By constantly developing the practices that you do as a team, your team’s synergy improves over time as well.

At the end of the day, the company’s culture only serves as a starting point in creating deeper and real connections with your teammates and employees. Your team still needs guidance and leadership from the people that they count on. Culture is needed to build your people, the guidelines are what directs them to your goals, and these two must work well together.


You can start creating your own company culture with US! Acceler8 also aims to create real and lasting connections that last outside the confines of the workspace. Part of our mission is to cultivate a workplace that is highly conducive for work as well as for networking and socializing, which is why we design our workspaces to be highly collaborative for everyone, regardless of their work. For more information on our services, you can email us at connect@acceler8.ph


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