Now Hiring: Job Openings Within A8 Community

It’s not only businesses that are struggling to bounce back from the pandemic, but also the people. The new normal has been challenging for everyone since businesses are having trouble with operations and cash flows; these problems tend to branch out to individuals. A lot of people’s jobs have been displaced by the crisis and most may be having difficulties in looking for job opportunities during this time. Though times are tough, don’t lose hope because there are still several companies out there that are currently hiring!

Here are some job opportunities you can explore from the Acceler8 community:


MediaDonuts is an online advertising and technology company that helps advertisers reach their goals across digital media channels. With their knowledge of technology along with their partnerships with media and technology companies, they execute sophisticated digital media strategies that help advertisers achieve their business objectives. They are currently looking for a Creative Designer. Click here to learn more about MediaDonuts!

Ematic Solutions

As a Digital Marketing Solutions provider across SEA, Ematic continuously innovates and delivers through their AI-powered technology and digital services to meet the increasing demand of local businesses. They are looking for the following positions: Junior Sales Executive (focused on business development and sales operations), Senior Martech Sales, Junior Engineer, and Junior Customer Success Manager. Click here to learn more about Ematic Solutions!


reach52 is an award-winning tech social enterprise providing affordable healthcare for parts of the world that has limited access to health services. They provide offline mobile apps and platforms that enable the delivery of screening, testing, affordable medicines, and health insurance for over 400 communities in South East Asia. They are looking for the following positions: Back End Developer (Manila), Full Stack Developer (Manila), Marketing Manager (Manila), Market Researcher (Iloilo), Sales/Territory Manager (Iloilo), and Business Development Manager (Manila). Click here to learn more about reach52!


LalaFood is a mobile delivery app that helps bring people and their favorite restaurants closer. They have a wide selection of restaurants across Metro Manila which provides opportunities for those who do not have their own delivery services to reach their customers. LalaFood is currently looking for these positions: Brand Specialist, Account Manager, Backend Engineer, Marketing Manager, and UX Designer. Click here to learn more about LalaFood!

Beeline Now Consulting Services

Beeline is a marketing consultancy that helps company sales and delivery teams to engage with their customers more effectively. They provide advisory services, digital marketing, content, and a virtual marketing team (marketing as a service). Beeling is currently looking to fill the following positions: Freelance Web Developers, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, and Writers. Click here to learn more about Beeline!

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone! With proper exercise routines and the guidance of the staff, they look to help clients achieve their fitness goals.  Functional Fitness is currently looking for a Fitness Coach and Physical Therapists. Click here to learn more about Functional Fitness!

Make sure to check this list from time to time as we will be updating it when positions close or open up. For more updates from our community, subscribe to our newsletter here!

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