Our New Home #InRockwell

Our New Home #InRockwell

The good news is finally out! In case you haven’t heard, we are opening another Acceler8 by UnionSPACE center in Rockwell, Makati this December. With the help of PHINMA Properties, we have found a new home in the heart of the Rockwell neighborhood: PHINMA Plaza. We know you are as excited as we are in the opening of our newest center, which is why we are giving you an exclusive sneak peek of our soon-to-open center!

We are opening a new center in the trendiest neighborhood in Makati: Rockwell Center. This neighborhood houses some of the most reputable companies in the Philippines like Nestle Philippines, Eatigo, Wyeth Philippines, and PHINMA Properties. The professional environment of this neighborhood is a perfect incubator for small companies and businesses trying to network with more people in the industry. More than the Rockwell neighborhood, what sets our new center apart is its location. Our newest home is in PHINMA plaza, one of the most respected buildings in Rockwell Center. This commercial building has been standing in Rockwell Makati since 2001 and has been the home to some of the most notable companies in the Philippines.

The services in our Rockwell center is still similar from the services we offer in our centers in Legaspi and Salcedo Village, the only difference is, there’s more room for more people to join the community. Acceler8 in PHINMA houses 26 (twenty-six) serviced office suites, all varying in sizes and capacity. Some of these private office suites can accommodate a small company of three, while some can fit up to eight people. Before we open our new center, we are extending a pre-opening package to those interested in getting a more spacious suite for their company. For bigger companies looking for their own space, we can combine two office suites to make one big suite that can fit more people. These office suites also come with a stellar view of Makati as our new home can be found at the fifth floor of the building. These suites come with dedicated desks for people who enjoy working in an enclosed, private area.

For companies who will be staying in our new home and wish to have conferences with their clients, this new center comes with three (3) meeting rooms that anyone can book and use at any time of the day, during work hours. Now, you don’t have to worry about not having a space to use for your meetings with clients or colleagues because there’s enough room for everyone.

Our new home in Rockwell will not be complete without our spacious, ultramodern coworking space. This new space can accommodate as many as 40 (forty) coworkers and it comes with different working spaces, from tables, to a bar, and even a ledge that gives a stunning view of the Makati skyline. Similar to our other coworking spaces, the coworking area in PHINMA is designed to encourage collaboration from everyone in the space, whether you’re from the same company or you’re total strangers.

Acceler8 in PHINMA Plaza is set to be open for occupancy at the tail end of 2018 and we just can’t contain our excitement for the opening of this new center. In the meantime, stay tuned because we will be giving you more exclusive sneak peeks of our new center. If you’re interested to learn more about our center in Rockwell, feel free to send us a message and we’ll gladly give you more details about it. Just send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph and we’ll get back to you!



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