Sealing the Deal With the Perfect Pitch

The ability to deliver groundbreaking pitches is an important skill to master, especially in the startup community, because of how crucial it is. As James Hughes, an American sociologist and bioethicist famously said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” The better you are at delivering pitches, the more investors you get for your company.

Delivering business pitches and presentations are not always the easiest thing to do. It is the most nerve-wracking part of being a small company or startup, but it does not have to be difficult! Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you make a killer pitch that will blow your listeners away.

Get straight to the point

It is proven that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. From books to shows on the television, everything is getting more condensed. People don’t have a lot of time for lengthy introductions and preludes. Immediately capture your listener’s attention by giving an overview of your business and your service. Make sure that it is short, precise, and pithy enough to cover all the bases.

Your introduction is the most important part of your pitch because it will be the foundation for the rest of it. Make it count.

Don’t use too many slides

Visual aids play an important part in idea pitches. It helps the listeners visualize what you are telling them. When preparing your powerpoint presentation, keep in mind that less is always more. The visual aspect of your pitch is only there to aid the listeners; as much as possible you want their full attention on you and on what you are saying.

Brevity is always key

When preparing the pitch that you are going to say to your audience, always remember to keep it short, sweet, and straight to the point. Experts say that when preparing your pitch pitching, you should be able to condense your idea to different lengths at varying depths. Prepare a five-second version of your pitch that explains your business in one concise idea. Then expand it to a 30-second version, explaining it in more detail. Once you have successfully scaled down your ideas, you can expand it further to a five-minute version.

Show. Don’t Tell.

An important aspect of pitching is the need for your listeners to be confident in you. Instead of simply narrating your achievements to you audience, show them why you are trustworthy. Show concrete examples of your accomplishments, like customer satisfaction ratings, etc. to give them a proper grasp of what you are saying. Showing the rest of your team that backs your company is also a sure way to build customer confidence.

Watch and Learn

Making the perfect pitch does not come in one go. Like the old saying goes “Rome was not built in one day” and so is your pitching skills. Attend conferences or stream videos to see how the experts do their pitch. Your skills would really benefit from watching how people do it and from there, see what would work for you and apply it in your next pitch.

Create the perfect atmosphere

The atmosphere where you’re having your pitch plays a key role when giving your ideas to an audience. You don’t want to give your pitch at a coffee shop where it is loud and distractions are guaranteed for your listeners. When scheduling a pitch, keep in mind that a quiet, professional atmosphere is important to help you seal the deal. Booking a conference room complete with state-of-the-art amenities at a prestigious location would really help you impress future investors and get them to work with your company. Acceler8 by UnionSPACE has workspaces across Makati complete with conference rooms you can use to make a compelling pitch.

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