How Serviced Offices Can Boost Your Business In The New Normal

Wondering what your business operations would look like post-quarantine? By now, most companies have already adapted or pivoted their business to function in the new normal. However, as quarantine protocols ease up and work slowly resumes, it leaves business managements deliberating what their company’s office arrangement will look like moving forward.

Due to social distancing measures, offices will have to reduce their usual capacity to 50%. So where will companies displace 50% of their workforce? Some might adopt a remote work setup, rotational shiftings, or look for a temporary workspace. Now, this is where flexible office spaces come in handy.

Here are some reasons why a serviced office could help with your business continuity management:

Flexible Arrangements

There are several advantages in using a serviced office for your business during the new normal. The move-in time is very quick and easy. Given that businesses have to reduce capital expenses, serviced offices have the flexibility of having shorter lease terms. Additionally, you can easily add seats or reduce seats depending on your company’s capacity requirements! The rates are flexible too and all-in, meaning there are no hidden additional fees for utilities and the like!

Productive Environment

The new normal makes it difficult to stay focused on the fear of catching a virus. A serviced office is a place that helps keep your mind off that fear due to the size and limited capacity of each room. These limitations have been placed to ensure your safety and to adhere to the guidelines of the Department of Health. Having productive people around you could also keep you in the right mindset. Being in a coworking space, there are other like-minded people from other businesses who you could learn from and collaborate with – while maintaining a proper social distance of course.

Inclusion and Amenities

Want a cup of coffee? Need to print a document? Another perk of using a serviced office is having the necessary supplies and equipment readily available for you! Since serviced offices are already fully-furnished, all you really need to bring to your office are your laptops and files!

Admin Assistance 

It’s easier to work when you don’t have to worry about the little things. That’s what the admin team is for! They are always ready to assist you and they ensure that your workspace and safety requirements are met. The admin team also handles the reception area, so if you’re expecting any guests or deliveries, make sure to let them know ahead of time! With their assistance, you’d have more time on your hands to focus on your business and how to bounce back from this crisis.

Office Sanitation 

A clean office is a must in the new normal. Due to the pandemic, having an organized working area doesn’t necessarily mean that your space is clean. Other than social distancing, regular safety precautions such as disinfection of the entire space are being conducted. The admin team also monitors that the coworkers are wearing face masks and following other DOH-mandated workspace protocols. Check out this article for Acceler8’s new safety guidelines!

If you are a business looking to bounce back and in need of a serviced office, feel free to contact us at We’d be more than happy to help you and understand your workspace requirements!

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