Serving Milkshakes For The Virgos

After serving the best Adobo in town, who wouldn’t get pumped up by our community events? We’re gonna keep treating you until we drop!

Here’s a little recap of our community events last August:

Celebrating Buwan ng Wika (Language Month) with Adobo: 

Since Adodo was the first thing that came up when we thought about celebrating Buwan ng Wika— a perfect time to introduce our favorite dish to all our members from around the globe. That definitely hit the spot!

There is actually “International Potato Day” 

Caption: Yes, you heard that right. It’s amazing how potatoes can be prepared in so many different ways, so we celebrated it with **drum roll please** Potato Corner! ??? 

Happy Hour Special with Grab for Business

Our friends from Grab visited us to introduce their Grab for Business platform and to give our members a 10% rebate! Go ask our Community Managers for more deets! 

Community Ride at Electric Studio

It’s so nice to see that community ride already becoming a thing! Thanks to our friends at Electric Studio for always putting up such a fun ride! Join us soon and let’s all get #ElectricStrong!

And now that we’re soooo over Leo season, it’s time for us to bring you all to our yard because we’re making Milkshakes and Filipino Street Foods to celebrate Virgo season, the season to just let life just be life by remaining calm and enjoying some extra thick milkshakes.

 So you better save the dates if you wanna join our events this September: 

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