Business Industries To Support Amidst COVID-19

Adapting to the “new normal” means adjusting to a new lifestyle, rethinking social interactions, creating new habits, etc. But not everyone has been able to transition well, including businesses. The new normal has created challenges that most businesses have never encountered. Local or global, jeepney driver or business owner, the situation has caused everyone to re-evaluate the nature of their work and to plan on how they could bounce back.

What does the new normal mean for these businesses? This pandemic has caused several businesses to either shut down, pivot the nature of their business, or change their business operations. Though some are able to adapt, there are certain industries that have to make tough decisions. The inconveniences this has caused for these businesses can ultimately lead to layoffs or even business closure. 

In our own ways, here’s how we could help (aside from donations) some industries bounce back from this crisis:

Food & Beverage Industry

With people aware of how infectious this virus could be, staying home is the new normal. Staying home means protecting not only yourself but others from the virus through lessening human interaction. Because of this new normal, there are a lot of questions surrounding the food industry on how they would operate with all these limitations. 

We could extend our help by continuing to order via takeout or delivery from our favorite restaurants! Whether it be via direct delivery or a delivery app, such as LalaFood, the amount spent could go a long way for businesses and their employees. 

Entertainment Industry

While the internet has created means such as streaming, there are still a lot of people from the entertainment industry that have been greatly affected. Cinemas and stadiums are closed. Concerts and film productions are canceled or postponed. Gatherings are only limited to a certain number of people. 

But one way we could help is, again, with the use of the internet. A simple ‘like’ or ‘share’, rent an online screening of a local film or play, buy from musicians’ Bandcamp, watch a concert on IG live. If your company is doing well and would want to explore it – sponsor one of these online concerts! That way production companies can also hire more artists to perform virtually.

Retail Industry

The malls are mostly empty which means there are less physical shopping activities. Retail is nothing without its sales. But with the help of online shopping platforms and social media, there are still ways for this industry to keep in touch with its customers. 

If you or anyone you know is in need of certain products, check these stores online platforms or refer them to your friends. Avoid crowds, address your needs, and provide sales for these businesses from the comforts of your own home!

Tourism & Hospitality Industry

To keep the virus as contained as much as possible, traveling is highly discouraged (even banned in most places) if not essential. Should you be traveling, it is also required that you self-quarantine upon arrival to your destination. From the airlines to the hotels, all the way to the simple souvenir shops, these businesses do not have many customers at this time. Once deemed safe, this must still be regulated to avoid another wave of infections. 

As customers, we must remain patient and disciplined. As much as we can’t wait to go watch the sunset by the beach with our loved ones, we should wait for the right time to do so. While we wait, let’s make sure that this industry stays relevant as our economy relies heavily on this as well – avail of their current promos applicable post-quarantine, purchase some goodies they sell online, or take it up a notch and urge our lawmakers for tax breaks or subsidies for this industry!

Transportation Industry

In the new normal, not all public vehicles are allowed to operate, and those that are allowed can only operate at half the capacity to follow social distancing protocols. Even with this, a lot of passengers are now either at home or hesitant to ride with other people due to fear of catching the virus. For most drivers, this is their only source of income. Luckily for some, digital apps/platforms and other efficient LGUs have provided alternative means for these drivers to earn. Some tricycles were used to deliver food or transport front liners, jeepneys were used as courier vehicles to transport heavier packages, and motorcycles were used to deliver food or parcels. 

Support them by using apps like Lalamove/LalaFood, Grab, Angkas, Foodpanda, and the like. And most of all, don’t forget to tip your riders well! Check out our latest article on how we could further help our jeepney drivers bounce back from COVID-19 here!

Personal Care Services

Spas, barbershops, and salons were all required to close down during the enhanced community quarantine. Now that malls have reopened, you could visit these places again! Just make sure to follow safety protocols to ensure the safety of the other customers and the staff. There are also some that offer home services to keep you away from crowd interaction. So long as you are following safety protocols, feel free to get your much-needed haircut!

We can certainly be of help to all kinds of businesses in any way we can. Lifestyle adjustments have been made to adapt to the new normal but there will always be ways to help a business struggling to survive this pandemic. Even just a small act of kindness, maybe as minimal as a like or a share on social media, could go a long way!

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