The Power of Telecommuting

You’ve probably stumbled upon the term work-from-home or flexible schedule while job hunting. It’s called telecommuting, a work arrangement where you can basically work from anywhere you like such as coworking spaces, cafés, or even in your own bedroom. With the rise of the digital age, technology has made our lives easier like conducting long-distance meetings or even sharing large files with just one click. 

What are the benefits of telecommuting?

Work-life Balance

Telecommuting gives us the freedom to get things done whenever and wherever. It promotes work-life balance, thus providing you more options to balance personal life and work. 

Increase Productivity

Imagine working without having to deal with corporate politics and all the other distractions an office space could offer. Your life would be amazing!!! Because having less distraction can make you happier, focused and productive. 

Lower Costs

If you’re an employer, you won’t have to worry about the utilities, supplies and operational expenses of an office space which is why a lot of startups today are getting their own Virtual Office Addresses, because it’s more practical especially when you’re just starting a business. 

It Saves The Environment

Did you know that commuting increases your carbon footprint and it’s one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions? So yes, telecommuting can help save the environment, and it also helps employees avoid health issues from commute-related pollution. So in case you’re planning to start your own company or hunt for a new job, maybe you should consider working remotely or virtually.

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