Urban Air Mobility: The Future Of Ride-Sharing Platforms

It’s pretty apparent that Manila still has a long way to go to solve its traffic problems—from decongesting roads to controlling the number of cars that travel every day. Manila’s notorious traffic jams have become a real deal-breaker and could cost you your career. 

Ever heard of Urban Air Mobility?

Imagine getting to your destination within just a few minutes through air mobility which means conveniently booking a helicopter ride using your mobile phone and getting to your destination in the nick of time. Ascent, a ride-sharing helicopter platform in Asia gathered a pool of aviation experts to bring this concept to the Philippines.

According to Darren Tng, Co-founder of Ascent, since Manila is one of the fastest-growing business hubs in SEA with a dense network of aviation infrastructure, corporations and multinationals are eyeing this kind of platform to be useful in the future. 

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