We Are Grateful

We’re Always Grateful

It has been three years since we set foot in the coworking industry and launched our first workspace, a 300 sqm coworking space that started with a small community of startups and professionals that thrived with us in an industry that was somehow still obscure back then. And now, we’re all over Southeast Asia and we couldn’t have gone this far without you. It took us a bunch of oohs and ahhs just to get the word out there, but it’s really just about making friends and getting to know everyone–From curating community events (with booze involved) to hosting language classes and free massage day, we make sure that everyone gets a chance to engage.

This year, we’re all about saying Salamat! (Thanks!) and to get the gratefulness train going, we launched the We Are Grateful video campaign last September 5, 2018, featuring some of the company managers from our spaces and asked them what makes their team special and how grateful they are for their team. “The main goal is to really just showcase the Acceler8 community through the camaraderie of our members whether big or small teams,” said Ludo Alejandro, Marketing Manager of Acceler8 by UnionSPACE.

In line with our campaign #ThisisUS Saying Salamat (Thanks), our main goal is to highlight our culture and our community that values teamwork and great friendships through unbounded gratitude. So if you haven’t said “Salamat” to your teammates, go ahead, give them a pat on the back and simply make their day by saying “Thanks.” After all, a little kindness goes a long way.

Watch Lui, Operations Manager of Ematic Solutions, Mosselle, Country Launcher of FastJobs Asia, Miggy and Mikee, co-founder of Huskee Digital talk about the dynamics of their teams and their reaction when they found out what their team leaders think about them.



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