What you should do during an earthquake.

When a 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes, you’ll realize that the earthquake drills at your workplace are as valuable as your life. So we’ve made a rundown of what you should do during and after an earthquake.

During the earthquake:

Stay Calm

When an earthquake strikes, keep calm and stay alert. Beware of falling objects and keep your eyes open and move quickly but in an orderly fashion towards safety.

Get to Safety

If you’re indoors, immediately duck under a sturdy table and proceed to the nearest exit once the shaking stops. If you’re outdoors, the best evacuation places are open areas with no nearby posts, trees, powerlines, and buildings.

After the earthquake:

Assess the situation

Check if you sustained any injuries from the earthquake and help others who are in need of assistance. Be observant of any hazards such as fire, chemical spillage, electrical damage, etc.


If everything is safe, immediately vacate where you are staying in a calm, orderly manner. Bring your “go-bag” and other emergency supplies and proceed to the nearest evacuation site.

Wait and stay updated

Upon evacuation, stay updated on disaster prevention instructions further evacuation plans from your local government unit.

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