Why I Save For Rainy Days

Why I Save for the Rainy Days

Petsa de peligro… A fellow traveller explained this term to me as we squeezed into a cramped up a UV going up North for the nth time. We laughed at our miserable survival techniques from convenience store hacks to maps of bars in Poblacion with the cheapest drinks. And then, it slowly died out as we drove through the rain for our off-peak season getaway.

If my mom was in the car with us, I know exactly what she’d say. I had to walk through the flooded streets of Manila to eventually learn what it meant and here’s why it stuck to me:

1. It sucks to trust the weather forecast

Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash
Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

Isn’t it annoying when the weather didn’t go as forecasted? Have you ever gone out in boots in the morning only to sweat your socks off under the surprise sunny afternoon? Did you ever have to buy an overpriced umbrella because of a sudden downpour on the way home?

Things that you can never seem to foresee are always costly. It is the emergencies and mishaps that give us a real hard sucker punch. This is why it’s good to have something hidden somewhere else just in case, and I’m not talking about the plastic magic cards.

2. It’s nice to keep warm in bed when there’s a storm

Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash
Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash

Whoever denies this is a liar. Kidding aside, who wouldn’t love a cup of warm drink while snuggled in bed with a good film on screen while it rains cats and dogs?

We are all part of the big system whether we like it or not. Whether the economy sucks or thrives, we all have to live in this grand scheme. If we always live off the edge of our paycheck, a simple policy change can definitely mean a major lifestyle change.

3. It’s fun to play outside when the sun is out again

It's fun to play outside when the sun is out again

Doesn’t it blow when you catch a cold (pun intended) and it rolls over a long weekend? Missing out is probably one of the biggest fear of this generation and it’s just really sad when your only reason is that you didn’t just get enough Vitamin C.

After paying bills and spending on the stuff that keeps us alive and sane such as food and nights out, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can still afford a VIP ticket to Chance The Rapper’s concert or even a flight to Surigao? Think about it and let it sink in…

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