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  • “Everyday could be an opportunity for something new!”

    Miel Villamor
    | Row 101 Events Management
    Miel Villamor
    Row 101 Events Management

    Miel started working in Acceler8 since it opened in September 2015. When asked about what she values most about Acceler8, Miel says, “I value the people I meet from all types of industries. Meeting and networking with people from the coworking space can truly propel and help ones business”.

    Through Acceler8, she was able to collaborate with Megaworld- one of the biggest real-estate companies in the Philippines. The idea for Row 101 and Megaworld’s collaboration happened when Miel sat beside one of her A8 co-workers who is part of Megaworld’s marketing team. “We met and started to talk about our work and what we do. Now, Row 101 Pop Up is having an event in Paseo Center, Makati. We partnered so Row 101 will have a venue to bring in a good amount to food traffic to the showroom of Megaworld.”

    The Row 101 x Megaworld Pop Up entitled “Aloha: Summer In The City Luau Market” is happening on March 19-20, 2016 from 11am – 6pm at G/F Paseo Center, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

    Row 101’s story:

    Row 101 is an Events Management Company founded in June 2014 by Miel. It started as a small project for Miel. Back then, she only handled about 15 brands for her pop up. Row 101 gives brands a platform to sell their products straight to their customers. They try to make it an experience for both customer and concessionaire. Today, Row 101 partners with more than 100 brands and it continues to grow.

  • “My stay in Acceler8 allowed me to meet a lot of people from different areas and industries.”

    Romain Joubert
    | Instaroid
    Romain Joubert
    Instaroid Philippines

    The Philippines must’ve been a puzzle when Romain arrived two and a half months ago. Now, he is part of a community that helps him both grow his business and see the Philippines with fresh new eyes.

    Romain says that he values the community, and the people he meets at Acceler8 the most. “My stay in Acceler8 allowed me to meet a lot of people, coming from different areas and industries. As a foreigner, being inside a community where most of the co-members are locals helped me to understand the Philippine market and get some useful tips. The working atmosphere and environment at Acceler8 is very dynamic and creative.”

    In this energetic and inspired community was Romain able to work alongside one of his co-members, Flash (Excellent Success Mobile), in a community event called unWINEd. “It was very nice to work with Flash team. After sharing our different business activities and ideas, we understood that working together could be valuable for both our companies.” Coincidentally, the pair also met in one of Acceler8’s unWINEd events, now Instaroid and Flash are looking forward to working together again in the coming months.

    Romain hopes to meet more people- event organizers, wedding planners, and more “funky individuals” with whom he can collaborate with.

    Instaroid’s Story

    Instaroid brings a strong emotional and tangible component to events by allowing guests to keep a Polaroid memory of the moments they enjoyed. Developed by a team of experts in events, technology and marketing, Instaroid offers an engaging experience for people while providing a powerful communication channel to brands, venues and advertisers.

    The growing number of digital platforms, media and networks demands more and more innovative approaches to cut through the noise and stand out. Instaroid connects the online and onsite experiences. We support you in the design and execution of solid strategies by creating bridges between tangible service and digital impact.

    For more information, please visit www.instaroid.sg


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