Coworking space, by definition, is a shared working environment designed to maximize the productivity of its tenants. Unlike the traditional office model, coworking space encourages interaction and collaboration between different professions.

Many people enjoy the freedom that comes along with being a freelance worker. They are their own bosses and are not bound by the constraints of a fixed schedule. Our job is to provide freelancers/independent contractors/entrepreneurs with an environment free of distractions and conducive to productivity. Acceler8 is a coworking space embraces diversity and inspires creativity.

In recent years, the paradigm has slowly shifted away from climbing the proverbial corporate ladder towards building your own brand. Millennials are now actively seeking more than job security and stability.

Acceler8 provides freelancers & entrepreneurs with an ambiance of professionalism and a legitimate business address. Make no mistake about it; first impressions are of the utmost importance. Your potential clients want to do business with people they can trust and hold accountable.

Establishing a household name in any industry requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. We’re here to help hone your skills through our workshops and guide you in the right direction.

One other important point, we are increasingly living in a world where, although we feel connected (thanks to social media channels), we’re actually very isolated and therefore many people are feeling a sense of loneliness and depression rates are skyrocketing.

Check out the video below to learn more about the concept of coworking space:

Deemed as the “future of work”, coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity across the United States, Europe and Asia. According to, as of 2013, more than 110,000 people work in one of the nearly 2,500 coworking spaces available worldwide. In comparison to the year before that, there was an 83% growth in the number of coworking spaces and and 117% more members.

The “future of work “is now upon us and it’s here to stay.

The Rise of the Independent Workforce
Currently 30% of U.S. knowledge-based workers are independent (freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs). This figure is projected to reach 60% by 2020. (MBO Partners – State of Independence Report)

Most of these independents work (and will continue to work) from home.  While this can be cost effective and convenient, many experience isolation and report difficulty focusing due to many distractions.


Who uses coworking spaces?