A group of four individuals from different paths of life came together to turn a shared vision into reality.

Brilliant ideas are formed outside the confines of walls and through experiencing the world. But in order for an idea to flourish, it must be properly cultivated. We, at Acceler8, provide an avenue upon which entrepreneurs can build their foundation.

Mikko Barranda

Co-Founder of Acceler8

“This project represents the culmination of hard work and sacrifice to achieve our dream of helping others chases theirs. Together, we’ve managed to create an incubator where our team helps nourish young entrepreneurs. Our approach focuses on harmoniously blending the power of space and people.”

Carlo Coronel

Co-Founder of Acceler8

“We’re here to usher in the new era of working. Our coworking space at Acceler8 is designed to emulate a professional setting where members can maximize productivity and network with one another. Starting your own business/brand can be quite a daunting task; that’s why we also offer training seminars to assist our clients every step of the way.”

Bryant Cuison

Co-Founder of Acceler8

“Startups can be lonely.  This new age workplace fosters camaraderie, sharing, positive energy, culture and cost sharing.  We’ve heard of inspiring start up stories  where aspiring entrepreneurs meet up in cafes or even at train stations to do business with each other.  We’re giving these small entrepreneurs an option to collaborate in a more organized and conducive environment. Acceler8 is “The Next Workplace"."

Albert Goh

Co-Founder of Acceler8

Albert has been creating different business ventures since his early days. One of his earliest ventures is a Web Hosting company which he founded back in 1999 and is still operating today, Albert also owns several other digital properties and services such as eVoicemail.net which caters to the US and Europe market. In 2002 he founded vOffice which today has over 35 branches around Asia Pacific. He also co-founded vRush Concierge and Acceler8 Community + WorkSpace in Manila and Uppercase.asia, another co-working space in Kuala Lumpur.