5 Business Resolutions to Help You Reach Your Goals This 2022

Many of us have been looking at 2022 with hope and motivation to make the most out of the year, mostly drawn from being cooped up in our own homes for the past few years due to a global pandemic. Now, it’s up to us to control what we can and make the most of 2022! 

Being away from all the craziness of the world, while also seeing the craziness in other aspects of our lives, leads to a deeper understanding of how and why 2022 could be a big year for businesses. We’ve learned how to operate under different restrictions, and now is the time to apply these lessons and take our businesses to the next level.

What are your business resolutions for the new year to help achieve your goals this 2022? We’ve got some ideas of where you can start!

Managing change through ‘Adaptability’.

Becoming more flexible in all aspects is another new year’s resolution that will create a positive impact in different areas of a business. Flexibility in terms of where and how you work allows an organization to be adaptable to different situations. Adaptability makes for a smoother adjustment period when unexpected problems arise, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the problem at hand, businesses have a number of options available due to flexibility, and enough information to make an educated decision as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to have a beginner’s mindset and learn new things. 

For real estate specifically, flexibility in a workspace allows you to adapt as needed. One prime example would be adapting to the number of restrictions of the pandemic. Given the availability of shorter lease terms and the capability to upsize or downsize when needed, the number of options available would ultimately make it an easier process to quickly respond to uncertain situations. If you’re looking for a flexible workspace, click here to learn more about Acceler8 by UnionSPACE!

Embrace and learn to optimize ‘Hybrid Work’

The global pandemic has sped up the learning curve for hybrid work. In line with increasing flexibility, several businesses have already adopted this work setup as it brings together the benefits of a physical and a digital workplace.

Hybrid work can improve the productivity and well-being of employees, while also having access to the best talent pool despite location. While other organizations are still following the old work models, continuing learning about hybrid work and finding ways to improve the implementation of this work setup will be a big advantage for businesses moving forward in 2022. To learn more about implementing hybrid work in an organization, check out this article here

Continue to build and connect with your community

As of the start of 2022, meeting in person is still limited as we live in the new normal. Because of this, it’s important for businesses to continue safety practices in the office while relying heavily on digital communication to remain connected with their community.

Staying engaged with your community through different social media platforms helps the visibility of your business. Through social media, an organization is able to build its community while also having different means to plug and promote its website and other necessary announcements. The past two years have been quite the adjustment, but it’s key for business leaders to keep stacking knowledge and practice optimizing the different platforms we have.

Revisit your company culture.

With everything that has happened, especially having made adjustments to business operations, it’s best to start the year by taking a step back and revisiting the culture within the organization. Focus on building a good culture and it will create a positive effect on the productivity of employees. Individuals should feel valued in a team which would help boost engagement, loyalty, and retention among employees.

The best people to consult regarding changes would be the employees themselves, as they have first-hand experience of the company culture. Conduct a survey internally to get direct answers from your team, and, from there, work towards developing a culture that reflects your organizations’ values and priorities.

Know when to take a step back.

While it’s ideal to take advantage of all the energy stored after taking time to rest and connect with loved ones, it would be great to create a plan to avoid any fatigue, both mentally and physically, throughout the year.

‘Burnout’ is real and it affects the way individuals work, the quality of their work, and could even find its way to affect personal lives. Before diving into work, set clear boundaries between work and personal life, especially while working remotely. Know when to step away from work and take a breath. Each individual has a different threshold for how much work they can handle, while also having different ways of coping with the stress that it comes with. 

We truly believe that 2022 will be the year that we all bounce back. Approach any and every upcoming challenge with an open mind and keep learning new things. We hope that these business resolutions will help you kick start the new year in the right direction!

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