8 Sustainable Brands You Should Support This Christmas

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Already planning to buy Christmas presents? Maybe you should consider supporting these sustainable brands. Purchasing local products not only enriches the lives of our local craftspeople but also improves your quality of life. 

Check out these brands that are making waves in the sustainable and zero-waste movement in the PH: 

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Humble Market

This packaging-free market is exactly what we need to help save our environment! Humble Market has sustainable living essentials like food ingredients, accessories self-care, home care, and pet care products. All their items are packaging-free and all-natural so better bring your containers!

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Practicing a zero-waste lifestyle can make a huge difference in saving our planet. So stop reduce single-use products and check SIP PH out! Their goal is educating us to become more aware and responsible for the products and waste we produce.

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Kawayan MNL

Kawayan MNL makes tumblers that are stylish and made from kawayan (bamboo). Bamboo is one of the best alternatives for plastics since its highly renewable, biodegradable and has anti-bacterial properties. Kawayan MNL carries tumblers that can maintain hot and cold drinks long enough to sustain your day!

Photo from: Manila Bulletin

Junk Not!

Thinking of buying new furniture? Junk Not builds furniture from plastic waste. The brand aims to educate people about the value of upcycling junk and how they can make a living out of it. What makes Junk Not awesome is that they provide jobs to people from small barangays in Batangas.

Photo from: Ritual PH


Ritual is an eco-store that offers organic products that are plastic-free and sustainable. They’ve been around since 2010 and has only been supporting local products/producers. Just like any eco-friendly store, Ritual encourages its customers to bring their containers—whether that be for food, drinks, and personal hygiene products. 

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From plastic to fabric! Sora makes beautiful and lightweight repurposed towels and yoga mats made from plastic bottles. All their products are quick-dry, super absorbent, and sand repellant—perfect for adventure seekers and beach bums! More reasons to support Sora? They have several initiatives in reducing wastes that go to landfills.

Photo from: Things That Matter


Rags2Riches has everything woven from stylish bags to accessories—made and handcrafted by local craftsmen. Shop here and help a community of talented craftspeople. 

Photo from: Bambike

Bambike Revolution Cycles

If you haven’t heard about Bambikes then you should go to Intramuros. These bikes have been roaming around the calles  (streets) of Intramuros for quite a while. Bambikes is a socio-ecological enterprise that creates green-bikes from bamboos. Their goal doesn’t stop with just helping the planet, Bambike has also become a platform for community development organizations to promote various scholarship/sponsorship programs for students and preschool teachers.

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