8 Tips to Maximize Your Office Space

Have you been wondering what to do with your serviced office amidst the pandemic?

The new normal is almost in full effect. As we get used to all these adjustments, most people are already out and about, so long as they follow the necessary safety protocols. Despite malls and businesses reopening, a lot of companies have adapted to remote work as COVID-19 is still out there. Because employees remain to work from home, most offices are still empty and are left collecting dust. Instead, there are still many ways to make use of this asset that you already have! 

Here are some ideas to maximize the use of your office space!

Storage Space

With most employees working from home, it could get confusing where you should store your business inventories as teams are all working separately. Why not use your serviced offices as a place to store all of these things? Storing them in your office could easily be done as it wouldn’t get in the way of anyone working in the space for now.

Webinar Shoots

Webinars have become the new event trend in the new normal. For a more professional setting, use your offices to shoot your own webinars! Whether you’re speaking for a live event or a pre-recording, this type of setting could ease your mind from unwanted distractions and increase the quality of your webinars. 

Online Calls

There are just some things at home that are out of your control and, sometimes, it gets in the way of your work. Now that most teams are working remotely, communication has become even more important than it already was, and communicating with your colleagues is now done through calls online. By being in your own office, it would be much quieter and you would be able to communicate more effectively.

Workshops For Small Groups

As businesses try to bounce back, it could be necessary to hold workshops to help your employees gain the skills needed to adapt to the new normal. It would be a great opportunity to save on renting out a venue by using your own office to conduct these workshops for your teams. Just make sure that you practice proper safety etiquette such as social distancing at all times!

Meeting Room

Though we are in a time where most meetings are now online through Zoom or Google Meets, there are still some that are best-done face to face. Use your serviced office as a safe space to meet! By doing so, you are able to avoid meeting in public places like coffee shops to lessen your interaction with others.


Convert your empty office to your company’s own studio! For product shoots or voice-overs, a quiet space with enough room is what you need. An office is a perfect place for this! With it empty, there would be no noise or clutter present lessening your troubles and worries!


Need to showcase your product to possible buyers? If you have a serviced office, you could set up a showroom to display your products! Having this allows you to showcase your product to your customers for them to understand the different features of it.

Online Classes and Oral Exams

Now that classes are online, it is key for students and educators to have a quiet place with fast internet to be able to understand and communicate lessons. Your private office could be a place where you could attend your classes without encountering difficulties or distractions!

Despite all the setbacks that the pandemic has caused, all we need is a change in perspective. It is important for businesses to maximize all the assets that they have even during a time where offices are expected to be closed down. Now is the best time to think outside the box and make use of your offices in other ways!

If you are looking for a space to do either one or all of these functions, a serviced office could be what you’re looking for! Acceler8 has serviced offices available that you could rent out daily or monthly. So whether you need it short term or long term, we have a space for you! Send your inquiries to connect@acceler8.ph and we’d be more than happy to share more about our services!

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