Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Halloween in 2020 is gonna be a little bit different from before.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a lot more difficult to feel that ‘Halloween spirit’ this year. Because of the pandemic, we wouldn’t see any children roaming the streets and there would be no parties to attend.  This doesn’t mean that we should skip Halloween just because of a little challenge!

Here are a few ways to keep that Halloween spirit alive in your own homes!

Decorate your home

Despite the pandemic, it wouldn’t hurt to spread the Halloween spirit with decorations that you already have at home from the previous years instead of it just being locked away. Though no one actually goes to your house to trick or treat, it would still be a sight to see for neighbors passing by!

Keep some treats around the house

It’s hard to imagine Halloween without kids roaming the streets to see who gets the most candy. Keep candy around your home for random times that people, including yourself, would want candy. You could even add a trick or a task they’d have to do before getting a treat! 

Get creative with lighting

Nothing is spookier than dark lights. Lighting could really change the setting of your home, especially at night. Depending on your liking, add some characters and cover some indoor lights with cellophane to give your home a spooky feeling.

Set the tone with some music

Playing some music would help keep the Halloween vibe in your home! Whether it be tuned to dance to or eerie sounds to spook you, it would definitely help us remember that it’s the time for tricks and treats! 

Watch horror films

What’s Halloween without horror films? Have a watch party with your friends! It’s definitely better to watch them with your buddies because it’s not just a scary movie anymore when you watch out for your friend’s reaction with some laughs.

Virtual Costume Party

With all meetings happening online, why not have a Halloween party as well? Host an online get together this October the new normal way. Gather friends, family, and even a drink for a costume party like never before!

With all the craziness going on, we should still continue to celebrate things as much as we can! A yearly tradition could still be celebrated with a little tweak for extra precaution. So don’t be scared to go on an even stranger journey this Halloween!

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