8 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are having difficulties thinking of activities to do as we remain at home for our safety. But just like any other holiday over the past few months, this shouldn’t hinder us from celebrating! 

Because of all the limitations, it may be a bit tricky to plan out a day full of activities for you and your loved ones. But with technology and some creativity, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Valentine’s day this year!

We want to help you by sharing some ideas on how you can plan a Valentine’s date in the new normal. Here are 8 ideas that you can do this Valentine’s day!

Challenge each other to a game night

When was the last time that you and your significant other sat down and bonded over games? Bring out some board games or prepare trivia questions for each other. Spend your Valentine’s day with a fun and challenging way to get to know each other even more, especially each other’s competitive sides. 

Show your love with a home cooked meal

Though you might not be able to dine in your favorite restaurant this time, it doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious meals. What better way to start the day by preparing breakfast in bed. You could also put together a fancy dinner for two while also dressing up as if you were to go out. If you’re celebrating virtually, make arrangements to send over a meal and enjoy it together over a video call. 

Set up an indoor picnic

While it is safer to remain at home for the time being, set up a picnic date in the comfort of your home. Putting together a picnic date in your home allows you to do so no matter what the weather is outside! Have some wine and a cheese plate ready as well. Who knows, you may enjoy this more than the traditional picnic!

Take your bartending skills to a new level

If you have alcohol laying around at home, use them to channel your inner bartender. With an excuse to get fancy with your drinks, go online to learn how to mix and match ingredients that you have at home! Shake up a few cocktails, turn the music up a bit, and imagine you’re at your favorite bar with no other people around. Make sure to have some go-to dance moves as well just in case.

Unwind with your own spa day

Light a few candles and buy some facial masks to unwind and spend your Valentine’s day relaxing with your loved ones. While we still live in the midst of a pandemic, we could all use a break from all the stress and anxiety that surrounds us. Create a day of pampering and add some massage tricks that you’ve learned online!

For those that are spending this day apart from their loved ones, there are still several ways to share and celebrate Valentine’s day together!

Enjoy each other’s company virtually with Zoom

By now, most of us are used to using Zoom for meetings with coworkers and clients. For Valentine’s day, you could also use this given that you want to remain safe while also celebrating with your loved ones that are stuck at home as well. Send a care package with their favorite treats and enjoy each other’s company while on a video call!

Watch a movie marathon with Netflix Party

A movie night is another perfect activity that you could do with your loved ones in the new normal. While all the cinemas are still closed, we are lucky enough to have access to online streaming sites such as Netflix that offers a wide range of movies. If you are separated due to the pandemic, Netflix allows us to watch with others simultaneously with their Netflix party feature. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a lot of movie snacks for everyone ready to go!

Celebrate with friends and family

Not only is this day for those with a significant other, but it is a day to spread love to those you cherish. Send a gift to your family and friends to show your appreciation for their roles in your life. Come up with fun activities that all of you could do virtually as a group in celebration of your love and gratitude for one another.

In the midst of a pandemic, don’t forget to show your love this Valentine’s day! It is a reminder that there are still things to be thankful for despite the craziness happening at the moment. Sharing moments like these during challenging times extends joy and hope that we will make it through.

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