8 Webinars That Could Help Expand Your Skill Set

This pandemic has affected us all in our own ways. Most commonly being stuck at home and finding different ways to make use of our own time.

Instead of our usual community events, we started hosting online learning sessions on Acceler8’s Facebook page! This was our way of staying in touch with our community while everyone is at home. We had a wide range of topics, all to help our community get through this crisis, both professionally and individually. 

With the help of our community, we were able to release several online learning sessions throughout the year. Here are our 8 most viewed online sessions for the year 2020!

5 Fun Ways to Engage Your Team

At the start of the quarantine, most coworkers were scattered due to remote work. Gino Cabigao, Founder of KultureKo, discussed how he manages his team remotely with fun activities that he broke into five categories namely Health and Wellness, Entertainment, Games, Skills, and Training. He discussed how to keep employees healthy, lower attrition rate, boost team morale and strengthen trust all while working remotely.

Click here to watch the full session with KultureKo on our Facebook page!   

A Shift In Perspective: Business As Usual During COVID-19

When private companies hit a pause due to the impact of the enhanced community quarantine, people were having trouble figuring out how operations would continue with all the rules and limitations. With this, Aldrin Enrile of vOffice joined us to share some tips with us on how to carry on business as usual during times like these. He discussed the importance of thinking outside the box and exploring different business opportunities possible.

Click here to watch the full session with vOffice on our Facebook page!   

Beyond the Workspace: Moving Forward with Acceler8

Six months into the lockdown, businesses had to find a way to move forward. It had been a tricky situation for flexible workspaces to handle the challenges that come with the pandemic, but through all the ups and downs, Acceler8 found its path to surviving and we wanted to share what we learned with you! Get to understand how we managed to keep our space and our team safe while also maintaining a healthy relationship with our community!

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Coffee From Home

Here’s a fun coffee tutorial to brighten up your day! If you’ve been to Acceler8’s coworking space in Rockwell, you’re probably familiar with Not Bad Coffee’s delicious nitro cold brew. While at home, why not learn how to make your daily cup of coffee even better? Watch these fun and easy coffee recipes by the founder of Not Bad Coffee, Miguel Papa!

Click here to watch the full session with Not Bad Coffee on our Facebook page!   

Ethical Brand Cultures and The Politics of Brand Marketing

From the Terror Bill to the global Black Lives Matter movement, it seemed that the world had been shifting from one social issue to another. Understand why it’s important for brands and business owners to take a stand and how the social responsibility of business owners towards their community can affect their brand as a whole. Rachel Lynn Ang, Co-Founder of Dot Digital PH, talked to us on how we can use our own brand as an avenue to enlighten followers on current issues and speak up for them.

Click here to watch the full session with Dot Digital PH on our Facebook page!   

Marketing During A Pandemic

How should businesses market their products and services during a pandemic? The beginning of the pandemic had everyone wondering what they should do for their business to survive. Christopher Star, Venture Director of Kho Capital and Founder of Space Belly, hosted a short learning session on how brands can stay relevant in times of COVID-19.

Click here to watch the full session with Christopher Star on our Facebook page!   

Real Estate During COVID-19

Amidst the pandemic, there were a lot of questions surrounding the real estate industry. As one of the world’s leading real estate service franchises, RE/MAX has the best insights into what’s happening in the real estate industry. RE/MAX Philippines’ Country Manager, Kenneth Stern, joined us for an insightful session on the history, trends, and the rewarding opportunities of the real estate industry post COVID-19 both locally and globally.

Click here to watch the full session with RE/MAX on our Facebook page!   

Workout From Home

With all the safety precautions, it was difficult to create a workout regimen and find the motivation to stay in shape. Gyms were closed and physical sports were limited, which made activities very limited. We wanted to continue to promote an active and healthy lifestyle even during the quarantine. We were joined by Yana Abad, BGC Coach for F45, as she guides us through this online workout. Clear some space and get ready for a quick high-intensity workout in your own homes!

Click here to watch the full session with F45 on our Facebook page!   

Thanks to technology, there are still ways to connect and communicate with one another. We are also grateful for all of our speakers and partners that made these sessions possible. As the lockdown continues, it is important that we continue learning and finding ways to grow while we remain safe at home. You can access all of our online learning sessions from 2020 on Acceler8’s Facebook page here!

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