A Challenging 5th Year For Acceler8!

Can you believe that it’s been 5 years already? 

The past year has been one crazy roller coaster ride for everyone. This will be the year that will mostly be known for how COVID-19 changed our perception of normal. Or the year that the world lost Kobe Bryant and the Black Panther. We know 2020 hasn’t been the most encouraging start to the new decade – but when remembering tough times like these, we shouldn’t skip the pages with our own victories.

Having been through the ups and downs together, we want to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Acceler8 with you! Before we move onto our next year, we want to take this opportunity to look back on the greater things that the past year has brought us.

Here are a few things that we’d like to give a toast to…

To our community…

Year number five, just like the rest, has given us so much through our growing community. Welcoming the new members and keeping in touch with those that have moved on. 

We are grateful for all the relationships we built with you over the last year! It also helps that our community is made up of great personalities making the daily work routine more enjoyable. Being able to create real connections through our platform is the true essence of what we do. When we see our members mingling with one another or collaborating on different projects, it inspires us to do more for Acceler8 and our community!

To our partners…

Because of the continued support from our partners, the Acceler8 community continues to grow. Our partners from PHINMA and UnionSPACE have given us the opportunity to expand and take Acceler8 to the next level. Our center in Rockwell is a testament to this fruitful partnership.

A toast as well to our partners who continue to give additional perks to our members! Before the pandemic, Electric Studio would welcome our community for a tiring yet fulfilling cycling workout. Now, we also have partners such as Not Bad Coffee that blesses our members in Rockwell with good coffee!

Working with Oddefy also opened up many doors of opportunities for Acceler8 to grow! With them, we were able to open up a new event space in Salcedo called ‘OddSpace’! Not only is it ideal for events, but the space also has a studio that could be rented out for shoots.

To our current challenges…

Though in recent months we all have been stuck working from home due to the pandemic, there are still many successes to be proud of!

Transitioning to the new normal is already an accomplishment in itself! Though it has been a challenge for all businesses, safety is the utmost priority when faced with a pandemic like this. We are able to do our best to keep our community safe by controlling the number of Acceler8 staff on-site and providing new operational protocols. We are lucky enough to still be able to connect with our community digitally through our webinars, newsletters, virtual tours, and more despite all the limitations. 

Not only do we want to bounce back, but we want everyone to bounce back with us! We recently launched a Bounce Back 2020 promo to help small businesses manage through this crisis. A portion of the proceeds is also donated to an initiative called Lingap Maralita. This organization is committed to supporting the local farmers and urban poor communities that are struggling with the current pandemic.

What are your milestones from the past year? We’d be more than happy to hear your stories too! If you have any questions or are interested in joining our community, click here to learn more about Acceler8! 

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