A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Acceler8’s Coworking Passport

Flexible workspaces have been catering to a lot of modern businesses and professionals. Most coworking spaces have been stacking their memberships with value-adding perks like a coworking visa or passport. This enables frequent business travelers to conveniently access other coworking spaces around the world.

Why do members choose coworking membership with passport access?

This perk is beneficial to digital nomads or business travelers who don’t have the luxury of constantly looking for workspaces abroad. The convenience of booking a conference room abroad for business meetings or having that exclusive access can be extremely rewarding for these members.

Now let’s talk about Acceler8’s passport access

Since Acceler8 joined UnionSPACE, one of the fast-growing workspace providers in South East Asia, our members can now access our beautiful workspaces and co-living spaces in different parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Besides the modern facilities, our spaces are carefully designed to highlight each country’s culture and allowing our members to have local experience. 

Our membership plans come with an app developed by the UnionSPACE team where you can navigate our workspaces, amenities, community events, and local information about each location. The UnionSPACE App also comes with perks and discounts to all our partner restaurants, hotels, wellness centers and more – so you won’t have to spend too much out there! We have a long list of partner establishments and it’ll be worth it if you’re penny-pinching or staying a little bit longer in town.

In 2020, UnionSPACE will be adding more coworking and co-living spaces across South East Asia to widen our members’ global opportunities and bridge more business partnerships in the future. 

Want to know more about our membership plans? Check out our website and know more about Acceler8’s passport access.

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