A Little Workspace Upgrade to Keep You Safe

With the COVID-19 virus still out there, Acceler8 made some workspace upgrades.

The office is changing. And though more people are now out and going back to the office, we still need to be cautious. As a flexible office provider, there were some changes needed to be made to the Acceler8 workspace to adjust to the new normal. It is always important to provide the best working experience to the community and now, safety is a big part of the experience. With this in mind, there have been new workspace protocols implemented in accordance with DOH for the safety of the community and the team.

Here are some upgrades that Acceler8 has made to the workspace to ensure a safe experience in the office!

Reduced seating capacity

The seating capacity was reduced to half in the Acceler8 coworking areas. This was done to observe proper social distancing between coworkers.

Air purifiers

Being in an enclosed office space that is used by other coworkers, it is important for Acceler8 to create a safe environment for everyone. Acceler8 now has intelligent air purifiers to keep the air inside the office clean.

Regular disinfectant fogging

It is important to keep the whole workspace clean, including the private offices. Acceler8 performs disinfectant fogging at the end of each day to disinfect the entire facility.

Temperature and health checks upon entry

Temperature and health checks are done by the team for everyone before entering the office, whether they’re going to cowork or just pick up mail. Everyone is required to fill up a health declaration form before entering the facility. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be denied entry to Acceler8.


Disinfectants are an essential now, especially when you’re in the office. Acceler8 has a disinfectant footbath mat upon entry and hospital grade sanitizers located around the office.

Cleaning of meeting rooms in between use

Our meeting rooms are sometimes used by different community members within a day. Because of this, we allot a 15-minute window between each use for cleaning and sanitizing for the safety and convenience of the next user. Acceler8 also uses disinfectant fogging during this cleaning window.

Acceler8 is always looking for new ways to give their community the most ideal working environment. In the midst of the pandemic, safety is a top priority for everyone and this is why we made these upgrades. 

If you are looking for a  safe office to work in with a productive environment, send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph! We’d be more than happy to tell you more about how we can help you bounce back!

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