A Shift In Perspective: Business As Usual During COVID-19

Private companies hit pause on operations due to the impact of the enhanced community quarantine. With this, Aldrin Enrile of vOffice shares some tips on how to carry on business as usual.

Getting your product to your clients 

Logistically, you will need a partner who can get your product to your client but it is equally important to have a working virtual tool for you to receive orders from them. In the same light, if you’re a service-oriented company, make use of the virtual tools that you have. Gyms, for example, are coping with the lockdown by offering Livestream classes. It’s just a matter of changing your client’s perspective towards your service.

People’s decision to hold on to their money

People want to hold on to their money because it gives them a sense of security. Position your product as a tool that could help their business or help them on a personal level even during this time of crisis.

Your client may say that they do not have money right now or that they do not want to buy your product. Create ways to get your clients to avail. See if your company can offer them a discount. Let them know that you have an online payment option or that they can do split payments.

Keeping in touch with your customers

If you feel your client is incapable of purchasing your product right now, maintain a relationship with them. Though they may not avail of your product now, this could lead to sales in the future.

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The key takeaway is the lockdown challenges you to think outside the box. Use this time to explore ideas and business opportunities. Try to determine the obstacles specific to your business model. It’s important that you plan for your product or service keeping in mind how consumers will be looking at it in this time of self isolation and social distancing.

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