A Startup’s Guide to Coworking Spaces

So you’ve finally decided to move your business to a coworking space, now what?

While you might think that everybody in your coworking community is an open book, there are still few important rules to follow to make your stay smooth sailing.

Be friendly and treat everyone equally

It’s true that how you treat others is how you invite them to treat you. Unlike the corporate world, a coworking space is a place for never ending growth and opportunities, so treat everyone as your coworker whether that be your community managers or the mighty cleaning crew. You’ll be amazed by how everyone is supportive of each person’s dreams and passions. Although you will still encounter Mr. grumpy pants at some point, maybe they’re just having a rough day and if everything fails, always take the high road!

Your voice deserves a room with nice acoustics!

Your high-pitched voice deserves some nice acoustics so take your calls in a phone booth or along a quiet hallway. Simple use of earphones when playing your music or watching cat videos shows how you respect your coworkers. Having a team meeting? Don’t do it in the common area. You can always reserve a meeting room ahead of time to hold your brainstorming and ideation sessions. Keep in mind that there is an acceptable noise level or suitable music genre in coworking spaces. In fact, these spaces curate their own playlist that could boost everyone’s productivity.

Keep everything squeaky clean

Don’t leave your mess behind! We’re pretty sure that you’ll go a long way if you clean up after yourself. Why? cos’ you’re setting a great example to your coworkers. Also, your space’s cleaning staff will appreciate your initiative even if it’s just segregating your waste or tossing your used cup in the kitchen sink. Same goes if you’re using a meeting room, have the courtesy to leave the room in order. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness. You’ll never know, the next group might be your next big business investor.

Be mindful of your meeting room reservations

Reserve a meeting room ahead of time, and stick to your schedule. Avoid overstaying, the next person might have an important meeting or Skype calls to take. It would be very awkward if the next person kicks you out. Think about how you would feel if you were scheduled for an important meeting with your boss or clients.

Be an independent thinker

Asking a favor is totally fine, but before you tap someone for help consider figuring stuff out on your own first. If you’re just looking for the toilet sign or the schedule of community events, we’re quite sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for if you just look twice! Let’s not break someone’s momentum just by asking the WiFi password. Always be mindful if it’s a good time to interrupt someone.

The case of the missing pizza

Label your food before storing them in the fridge and also, mind your own pizza! It would be so embarrassing if someone catches anyone eating someone else’s food through the surveillance camera.

Lazy to go out and grab food? It’s very typical for coworking spaces to offer unlimited refreshments and light snacks, just ask.

Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing

Let’s not spread diseases! PERIODT✌✌ ✌

Create real connections

There are tons of ways to make new friends and connect with your coworkers. You don’t really have to muster the courage to introduce yourself since your community managers are there to help you make new friends by organizing community events. Or you can politely share a table over lunch and introduce yourself. This is one of the main reasons why startups thrive in coworking spaces. They embrace diversity and it’s easy to make #realconnections that will help their businesses flourish in the future.

It isn’t really that hard to stick with the rules. Trust us, following them will definitely pay off and make a huge impact on your coworking community!

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