Acceler8 is back to hosting face-to-face community events!

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to go virtual with not just our personal events, but even with our
business and company meetings, parties, training, and other team gatherings, which can be frustrating,
especially for companies who highly value engagement. And although the virtual event industry is
currently booming and we seem to have become accustomed to virtual events, the need for face-to-face
interaction will never go away.

Here at Acceler8, bringing our community members together in an in-person event is one of the things we
look forward to the most. And just a few weeks ago, our doors opened for more face-to-face interactions
and we hosted our first-ever community events since the pandemic began, and we sure had an
amazing time networking, catching up, and learning!

Happy Hour at Acceler8 usually means free snacks, good laughs, fun learning conversations, and of
course, free booze! This was certainly the case when we hosted happy hours in our Rockwell and Legazpi
center for the first time after over two years, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to hang out, catch
up, play games, and have a drink with our community members all together in one event. This type of
community event is a good way to unwind, socialize and take a breather from work. Moreover, our
community is a nice mix of entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, young professionals, and startups, and
Happy Hour events are a good opportunity to freely connect, learn from one another, and have fun. We
aim to do this more often, and we hope to welcome more people from different industries to be a part of
the Acceler8 community and join us in our next happy hour events.

We also recently partnered up with the top property platform in the country- Lamudi, in hosting their
Brokers’ Night event called Lamudi Link. The energy was great, and it brought together professionals all
across the country in the real estate industry.  It was definitely a great chance for them to meet with
interested people, learn more about what’s going on in the market, explore business opportunities, and
have rich conversations.

Undoubtedly, it was quite challenging when companies had to pivot quickly to virtual events COVID-19
began spreading, and it was truly powerful when businesses started to embrace the new reality of virtual
events. But while they are proven to be scalable and cost-effective, they lack personalization and
engagement like in-person events have. Surely, with proper safety protocols, more and more event spaces
like Acceler8 will resurge.

Hosting a face-to-face event for your team during a pandemic could be easy and less time-consuming if
you have a safe and flexible environment and venue. If you’re looking for a safe space to hold meaningful
events for your team, feel free to reach us at and we’d be happy to help you with
your event space requirements!

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