Support These Initiatives to Help Make Online Learning Accessible to All

Adjusting to the pandemic has been uniquely difficult for everyone. Everyone had problems that were similar, but the context behind the situations make them different from one another. In a time where we are all asked to stay at home, technology has made communication much easier. And though we’ve slowly gotten used to the new normal, there are still many people without the same access to technology as most of us. Many of these that are heavily affected are students and educators. 

Online learning has now been implemented because of the pandemic for the safety of the students and educators. And though technology today has proven to provide means for online learning, the big issue is that there are people that don’t have access to fast internet and are incapable of purchasing smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. Right now, our teachers and students need our help to access their right to education..

Here are a few initiatives you could donate towards online education for the communities in need:

Salindiwa: Donation Drive

Salindiwa is a donation drive created by a group of students that wanted to help bridge the technological gap for remote learning in Marikina City. They are accepting donations in the forms of pocket wifi units and load sponsorships that will be brought to Marikeño students.

Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan

The COVID-19 crisis has placed more than 5,600 UP students in danger of not being able to continue their education because they cannot afford the technology and tools that have now become integral to learning. The University of the Philippines reaches out for help in these difficult times. Through this initiative, the students will get computers or laptops and internet connectivity, allowing them to continue working towards their goal of graduating.

Project Wifi

Project WiFi is an initiative of a group of working law students that want to reach out to students in need of internet access. Their goal is to provide WiFi for online learning to those that have no access to a proper internet connection.

One Gadget One Child

ONE GADGET ONE CHILD is an initiative to help students in the Philippines transition to online distance learning by acquiring unused devices from donors.

Kapawa para sa Kapwa

This project is in partnership with the Office of the Vice President’s Bayanihan Para Sa Distance Learning initiative. This was made by Batch Ladiyawan of the Angat Buhay Young Leaders in Government Fellowship. They look to support the establishment of Community Learning Hubs for the students of Barangay Sta. Ana, Taytay, and Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental by donating gadgets to be used for learning.

PIOPIO E-Learning Fundraiser

This initiative was made to help equip the student beneficiaries of the Ayala Foundation education network with the necessary equipment to continue their education online during the pandemic. A part of the donations will also be used to host informational sessions and workshops for parents and students on the proper and safe use of technology in households.

Edicute Inc.

Enhancing Lives and Developing Indigenous Peoples CommUnities Through Education (EDICUTE) Incorporated is a nonprofit organization committed to empower Filipino indigenous people with equal opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of others. Edicute Inc. has several initiatives including one directed towards those without capabilities for distance learning.


Kapit-Bisig is an initiative by Landas that aims to provide for students’ educational needs in the time of this pandemic. In collaboration with the Aksyon ng Kabataan Organization and Kinabookasan, they aim to provide 300 students, from kindergarten to college, with resources to continue their education. They hope to raise enough funds for the tablets, supply kits, and hygiene kits of the 300 students in the Homeowners Association of Meralco relocatees.

These students struggle to get a proper education because they have no choice but to stay at home for their own safety. Though safety remains the top priority for everyone, this makes it very difficult to move forward with their lives. Giving these initiatives would help these students get what they need in order to pursue their education online and it would also help the educators as well! 

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