Your Serviced Office Plans May Begin with Virtual Solutions

A workspace is something that should be well thought of when starting a business.

It’s important to first evaluate whether or not an office space is necessary for your business to operate before moving into one. This is something to be carefully considered, given how much it could potentially cost.

At first glance, Serviced Offices may be extremely attractive since it’s cost-effective, flexible in commitment, and you have the opportunity to expand anytime. Though these are really great benefits to have, there might not be a need for startups and small businesses to invest in their own office space right away if they still have no problem operating completely remotely. This is where a Virtual Office comes in.

But why should you consider getting a virtual office for your business before moving into your own serviced office?

A Virtual office on the other hand gives you the benefits of having your own office space even while working remotely. For these businesses, a virtual office is a great place to start. This provides a much more affordable yet still premium workspace solution. Here’s how a Virtual Office provides an ideal workspace for your startups and small businesses!

A prestigious address while still getting to work from home.

A Virtual Office with Acceler8 gives your business a prestigious address from your area of choice in one of the Metro’s prime business districts, Makati City. Having such an address can help your business gain credibility while also having an easily accessible location for any deliveries or meetings. Maintain the benefits of a prestigious address without shedding out a big chunk of your capital. Additionally, you also get to cut down on daily expenses such as travel and food.

A little help can’t hurt.

A Virtual Office in Acceler8 can give you much more than what you were originally looking for. Not only will you be entitled to the use of our business address, but you also get an extra helping hand, which could be especially useful for those just starting out. The Acceler8 team can help with receiving mail, deliveries, guests, and even call inquiries as well. It’d be like you’ve got your own receptionist while you stay focused on reaching your goals. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that are still growing their operations team. Then, as your team grows, you can move into your own Serviced Office as you’ll be needing space to work, collaborate, and store documents more often.

A go-to workspace despite working remotely.

Though Virtual Offices are for those that mostly work remotely, there may be times when you need a place strictly for work, whether it be for business meetings or to get away from the distractions at home. As a flexible workspace provider, a Virtual Office gives you access to meeting rooms and coworking areas across all Acceler8 centers. Given that you’re working remotely, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you want to work. Just make sure to let our team know ahead of time so we could save you a seat!

A serviced office is extremely beneficial for businesses, but you might be in need of a different solution for now. A virtual office could be your business’s stepping stone to success. Instead of committing and spending a huge part of your capital right away, you can opt to invest more time, money, and effort into growing your business with a virtual office. And maybe one day, you’ll move into your own serviced office as well.

If you’re looking for your ideal workspace solution, send us an email at and we’d be more than happy to learn more about your workspace requirements!

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