Get The Perfect Christmas Presents From These Online Stores

The season of giving is here!

Things may be a bit odd this holiday season as we have to celebrate it differently this year. But this shouldn’t stop us from celebrating all the victories and lessons from the past year. Now that christmas is approaching, it’s time to look for presents to show your appreciation towards your friends and family.

Shopping for presents for the holidays can be a bit stressful, especially with COVID-19 virus still out there. But now that many stores operate online, you could shop for presents as long as you are connected to the internet! Technology  has given us the means to be able to have access to several stores in one click! With all the platforms, you can get even more gift ideas than you would from going to a bazaar. 

Here are 8 online stores you could check for gifts for your family, friends, and coworkers! 

Pamana Piyesta Essentials

Share your love for Filipino cuisine by giving away staple toppings and side dishes. These could be paired with different kinds of food. Pamana Piyesta is selling fresh and homemade gourmet atsara (pickled papaya), bagoong (sauteed shrimp paste), and siling binawang (chili garlic). Because it is affordable and delicious, this would be a great gift to give away this Christmas!


Aperitif began catching attention in 2016 when the Zulueta sisters discovered the art of grazing. For all the holiday celebrations at home, help them out by adding to their home celebration. Known for their Graze Box, Aperitif has a wide selection of inclusions like cold cuts and cheese. So whether you are looking for something savory or sweet, Aperitif has got you covered!

Naked Patissiere

Naked Patisserie specializes in wedding and event cakes, but they do have other items that you could giveaway this holiday season! Naked Patisserie has boxes filled with your choice of dessert, from cakes to chocolates. Some boxes could even come with a bottle of wine to help add to the celebration!


Now that we spend most of our time in our own homes, get a gift that would add to the home decors of your friends and family. Crae PH is an online shop with several different artworks, frames and candles. This would be a present that would help uplift the design and feel of their homes.

Home Studio Scents 

Help your loved ones find an escape from their stress and worries with pleasant aromas. Home studio makes premium hand poured soy candles with a selection of different scents to choose from. Not only do scented candles smell great and reduce stress, but it could also be used as a simple decorative piece to add their homes. 


Complement their style with versatile, practical, and comfortable clothing items from Rafikimono. Rafikimono makes unique clothing items with fabric from different local markets around the world for the best quality. Whether they’re sitting at home or heading to the beach, Rafikimono makes clothes that could be worn anywhere.

Groove Activewear

Because of the pandemic, we now know why health should always be a top priority. Groove is a clothing brand that creates comfortable active wear that could be worn any time of the day. Their clothing line is made of sustainable materials and made under ethical work conditions. Why not send your loved ones clothes that are comfortable and stylish, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle?


SORA creates intricate yet simple towels. The prints for the different collections come from working with artists from around the world. These are highly absorbent and fast drying, all while being light and very easy to travel with. If you know anyone that loves stylish and practical items for the beach or even just at home, this could be the perfect gift! 

With all the challenges we’ve been through this year, let’s not forget to spread joy this holiday season. With Christmas approaching, take the time to share laughs, send some gifts, and help lift the holiday spirit of the people around us. Hopefully this list is able to relieve some of the stress that comes with shopping for gifts as well!

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