Creating Real Connections with Brand_it

Brand_It, a branding and marketing consultancy firm headed by brand engineers who specialize in translating conversations into meaningful stories. Dong Ronquillo, Managing Partner of Brand It and Editor-In-Chief of Lifestyle Asia says that it pays to build brands, but also rewarding if an agency can think like their clients and tell stories that move people and distinguish a business’ identity. Brand_it has already worked with distinguished enterprises such as The Podium, ChaTime, and Salcedo Auctions. 

Why did they decide to stay in a flexible workspace?

Brand_it believes that shifting from the traditional to modern workspace contributes greatly to their goals—to work closely with individuals who embrace collaboration and work-life balance.

“Gone are the days of Old School Offices. We’re in the age of people moving around that actually fosters people to think out-of-the-box and collaborate more,” says Dong.

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