Simple Tips to Make Your Events More Earth-Friendly

Sustainability may feel retro, but over the pandemic, more people value sustainability, and in the event industry, it is beneficial for all to adopt an eco-friendly approach. 

What is a sustainable event, and why should we care? 

A sustainable event considers the environment to minimize its negative impact and reduce its carbon footprint. It is cost-effective, increases morale, and preserves our natural resources for the future.

Here are some friendly reminders and simple tips to help make your next event season more sustainable without turning it upside down and comprising the fun:

Go paperless

We all know that digital invitations are more Earth-friendly than traditional ones. Going paperless is not only cost-free but a also time-efficient way of tracking attendees, logistics, and other data. 

Set a budget and donate unused materials

Have a tight budget? You can still pull off an event without spending too much on supplies. It’s a no-brainer to make a list, but it’s also important to take the time to carefully source and find the cheapest suppliers. After your event, remember to dispose of unused materials in a safe, ethical and responsible manner. Or instead of throwing them in the trash bin, recycle or donate them so others can reuse them.   

Go Plastic-Free

It is common knowledge that plastics are made of non-renewable resources and can damage the ecosystem. Avoid single-use plastics as these usually end up in landfill and the ocean destroys marine life. Choosing reusable plates, cups and utensils is surely the best way forward!

Go for greener food options

Consider locally sourced food for your event to reduce the environmental impact of transport. Before the event, make sure to obtain the attendees’ dietary requirements and ask them if they have any food allergies as well so you can provide better options and avoid food waste. 

Keep distance and transportation in mind

A venue that is near your attendees’ residence or local to most of them is ideal. It helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by negating the need for your attendees to travel far to and from the venue. A walking distance venue or somewhere that is accessible via public transportation helps!

Choose an outdoor venue or a flexible space

If your event takes place during the day, opting for an outdoor venue is a great choice for conserving energy use and taking advantage of natural light. Renting equipment instead of buying is the most cost-effective and sustainable way of holding events, and flexible spaces like Acceler8 usually offer event packages with basic equipment including high-quality chairs and tables. These equipment and furniture are reused and you also wouldn’t need to worry about the carbon footprint associated with delivering and collecting the equipment because they are readily available in the space.  

Event planning can be costly and by reducing energy and waste cost, you will surely save not only money but also save yourselves from any sustainable headaches. We all want to do the right thing and embracing sustainability and incorporating it into your event is the simplest tangible thing event organizers can do and makes a difference. 

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