FAQs: An Acceler8 Virtual Office Guide

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is more than just a business address. It can be used for company incorporation and business permit applications allowing you to operate remotely while functioning like a legitimate business. It’s also perfect for companies that recently adopted a work-from-home arrangement due to the current pandemic. If that sounds like your ideal work arrangement, this could just be the business continuity solution you’re looking for!

Furthermore, with all the confusion surrounding our virtual office plans, we wanted to clarify the queries we often receive multiple times. We hope that these FAQs will help in determining if a virtual office is for you.

Do you have virtual office plans? 

– Yes, we have three different Virtual Office plans that our members can choose from – silver, gold, and platinum. The difference being with the inclusions of each plan. For more information on our Virtual Office plans, check out our website here!

Can I use Acceler8’s address for my business registration?

– Yes you can! You can also use the preferred address for your business cards and company website.

Does Acceler8 have a location outside Makati city?

– No, Acceler8’s three centers are in Legazpi Village, Salcedo Village, and Rockwell, all conveniently located in Makati city.

What are the perks and inclusions of a Virtual Office plan?

– There are many perks that come with Acceler8’s Virtual Office plans, but differ with inclusions from plan to plan. All plans get a number of hour credit for meeting rooms and coworking access, across all Acceler8 centers. Mail handling is also an inclusion while other plans include mail forwarding or your own dedicated phone number. 

How do I avail my own dedicated phone number? 

– A dedicated phone number does not come with all of the Virtual Office plans. To have your own dedicated phone number, sign up for our gold or platinum Virtual office plan!

How much is a Virtual Office plan?

– You’re in luck because we have an ongoing promo to help you bounce back this year! Sign up for your own Virtual Office plan today for as low as 966 per month. Don’t miss your chance as the promo is only valid until 31 December 2021.

What is the process of registering my account with Acceler8? 

– To register with Acceler8, we will provide a registration form. In this form, indicate which center location is ideal for you. Once the form is completely filled out, send these back together with a copy of a valid ID of the account holder. From there, settle the amount and you’ll be a member of the Acceler8 community!

What documents will be provided by Acceler8? 

Acceler8 will provide the following documents needed for your business registration: contract of lease, occupancy permit, pest control certificate, microbiological water analysis, and other documents related to business compliance. 

These answers should take you one step closer to deciding whether or not a Virtual Office is a solution for you. To learn more on the different benefits of a virtual office for businesses, visit our short guide here

If you’re ready to sign up or if you have any more questions on our Virtual Office plans, send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph and we’d be more than happy to help you out!

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