How Can You Create A More Ethical Brand Culture?

There have been growing amounts of trends on social media calling out for social justice, such as the Junk Terror Bill and Black Lives Matter movement, and now, more than ever, brands are taking part in spreading the message as well. 

With this, Rachel Lynn Ang, co-founder of Dot Digital PH, discussed five steps you can do to create a more ethical brand culture:

Acknowledge that there is a problem

There will always be an issue or something that needs improvement. Raise your awareness on the things happening around you that you and your organization could act upon.

Educate yourself about social issues.

Learning more about these issues helps to bring proper information to your audience. You need to grow a better grasp of the situation and assess the different sides to fully understand the realities of it.

Be a champion for your principles and beliefs.

Strive to be a catalyst of change, not a brand that addresses ethical issues only when it’s convenient. Stay strong with what you, your employees, and your organization believe in despite the negative feedback from others.

Listen to your employees and colleagues.

Start with yourself and your organization. Make sure that you and your organization are looking to create a working environment that is led by the values gained from these social issues.

Have a meaningful action plan

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to do something about it. You can have a short term and a long term plan to work towards. These plans could end up helping a much bigger cause.

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