How Ordinary People Can Better The Lives of Others Amidst The Resurgence of COVID-19 Cases in the Philippines

The dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases over the past month has caused a lot of panic and concern. Even being under community quarantine for over a year, it seems like the situation of the pandemic has only gotten worse as we’ve recently hit the highest total new cases in a day. 

Let’s not lose hope as the COVID-19 vaccines are a stepping stone to overcoming this pandemic! But this doesn’t mean we can let up and forget about the protocols just yet. For now, it is of the utmost importance to monitor our own health and avoid crowded areas as much as we can. Check out our recent article on how to take care of your health while waiting for the vaccine!

We’ve all been itching to go out and see each other once again, but while the virus is still around and the vaccines are still being rolled out, we ordinary citizens must do our part to put an end to this pandemic. What we do and how we take care of ourselves could be the most important factor in the process.

But what can we do to support the people around us? As we all wait patiently, there are several things we can do to help out one another through this difficult time. Here are some things we can do to better the lives of other people!

Encourage your peers to get vaccinated

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccine has begun, with healthcare workers, senior citizens, and those with serious illnesses or disabilities as the top priority. With this, we should encourage others to receive the vaccine as well! The CDC released an article regarding the myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccines, which you could share with others that are still deciding whether or not to receive the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and if there is an opportunity to get vaccinated, encourage it as it could protect them from getting seriously ill from the coronavirus.

Assist those that shouldn’t leave their homes

For older adults and those with serious illnesses and disabilities, it’s best to avoid public areas as they are in the most danger of getting seriously ill from the virus. While they remain at home, we can make their lives a bit easier with our help. Stay in touch with them and ask if they need assistance for errands that require going out like grocery shopping or even share a conversation to keep that human interaction. This includes your neighbors, relatives, and friends.

Donate to those different people and organizations

The lives of many people have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, such as the less fortunate and the frontliners. Search for organizations accepting donations of blood and food to aid those in need. Don’t forget that our frontliners could use a boost as well. Find hospitals and medical organizations to donate gear and equipment to support them as they manage and care for the infected.

Help others in setting up their tech

Technology has become a necessity to feel a small sense of normal during the pandemic. Whether it be for work or personal use, this makes people still feel connected with the outside world. If you’re tech-savvy, share your expertise with others and set up their laptops, cellphones, and other technology for work or entertainment purposes. If they live in a different home, guide them through the setup through a call and accommodate troubleshooting if needed.

Share information responsibly

With the global pandemic, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the virus, the government, and even the actions of our frontliners. Make it a point to do your own research before sharing misleading information from untrustworthy sources. Help reputable sources, such as major media outlets, government agencies, hospitals, and non-profit health organizations, reach the public to get a full grasp of the situation.

Let’s all remain responsible and patient as we continue this fight against COVID-19. Always remember to follow the proper safety protocols to protect yourself and the people around you. We all want to see each other once again, and the vaccine is a sign of hope that this will pass over soon. But for now, stay safe and stay healthy!

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