How To Make Your Office Space Look Spacious

Typical size of a serviced office suite is about 15 SQM designed to cater to startups with a small team, but that shouldn’t stop you from organizing it. So Team Acceler8 has consulted with Agatha Dacanay, Interior Designer from M-Moser Associates, to give us 4 small space solutions that will definitely make your office space look spacious and vibrant.

1.Pick A Light Color Palette

Pick a color scheme that is refreshing to the eyes or simply choose a monochromatic color scheme by using neutral tones and shades of one accent color. And since white never goes out of style, it’s easier to decorate and add more accent by throwing in a few colorful decors and indoor plants.

2. Maximize Light

It’s always better to have neutral light in any space, so choosing the right light fixtures can make a huge difference like placing task lighting to each desk. Ample artificial light can also improve small space, it reduces shadows which make spaces feel smaller than they actually are. 

3.Maximize Vertical Height

Instead of using the usual filing cabinet, consider installing upper cabinets and mounted organizers. It will give your office more of an open feel and less stuffy while providing more storage. 

4. Get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter is proven to have a couple of benefits like reducing anxiety and improving focus. The best way to do this is to eliminate unnecessary items, organize cables, use under cabinet storage and have everything in its place. 

Got more ideas on how to make your office space feel extra spacious? Drop your tips in the comment box and we’ll definitely include it in our next blog!

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