Marketing During A Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic presents businesses with unprecedented challenges, Christopher Star of Kho Capital and Space Belly offers a few helpful tips on marketing during a crisis.

Go on survival mode

With a looming recession, you want to conserve your resources. Spending your marketing budget at this time is not advised, especially if your business has been greatly affected

Kill boredom of your customers

With people spending more time online, take this time to churn out content that is relevant to the current environment.

Stay in touch with your customers

Your customers won’t be shopping anytime soon. That said, find new ways for you to stay connected to them. Make them feel seen and heard.

Spread good vibes

Push out motivational content without coming off as being out-of-touch or tone deaf.

Create a content strategy that engages with your customers

At this point, your customers are consuming thousands of content daily. Consider this the perfect opportunity for you to start conversations. Doing so will also help you take a look at the habits they have picked up during this period.

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