New Normal Webinars You Can Attend

With the metro returning to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, the use of the digital platform will only increase. The new normal has transitioned almost everything to digital. This means that most things that you need or want can be found online. Most businesses have adapted this to stay relevant despite the pandemic and lack of physical interaction with customers.

One way that these businesses connect with their audience digitally is by conducting webinars. These webinars can be held on different platforms such as Facebook, Zoom, Youtube, and many more. Whether it be a hackathon or a learning session, these platforms allow several ways to interact with your audience. Some even allow you to watch their webinars on demand! Having these webinars could potentially increase their reach as well.

As this lockdown continues, we can still find ways to learn more and improve our lifestyle in many ways. Here are some webinars that could help you and your business:

WORQSHOP: Understanding and Creating Accurate Customer Personas | Webinar

It is important to define your startup’s customer persona to be able to provide them with the right product or service. Not only should this impact your product or service, but also your content. Running a business is never easy, but the needs and wants of your customer should always be remembered. QBO is having a WORQSHOP with Carlo Valencia to learn more about the common customer archetypes, how to conduct interviews to get relevant insights, creating customer personas for your startup, and more! Check out the event page here and make sure to stay updated with QBO for future webinars!

PETA’s #TalkTuesdays

The quarantine and the threat of COVID-19 pose particular challenges that require a deeper understanding. The current situation has made a lot of people rethink their lifestyles and could cause different realizations. In line with this, PETA has launched a webinar series on their Facebook page focused on the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and other related topics such as surviving this pandemic. Check out their Facebook page here to watch #TalkTuesdays on demand! 

Entrepreneurship for Beginners 

Have you ever thought of being your own boss? Learn all you need to know about starting your own business! This also includes business opportunities in different concepts and technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech, drone technology, smart cities, and smart entrepreneurship. Learn more and register for free here!

The Future of Real Estate 

The pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainty in all areas. One which is heavily questioned is real estate as this is a common investment at stake due to COVID-19. Join BouncebackPH Academy along with several experts from different companies as they discuss the future of real estate here in the Philippines! Check out the session on-demand here!

The Creative Brief: Thrive in Business for the next Fifty years

It’s a marathon, not a race. There are a lot of people with great business ideas, yet have no clue or direction on how to maintain it as time goes on. Join Nico and Katwo of catch up with Ms. Harvey Chua, the Co-Founder of Adphoto, to talk about how you can give your business the legs it needs to last! Learn more about this session on their Facebook event page here!

The Startup PH Training Show

The Startup Training Show is a weekly show every Wednesday at 10 am from Startup PH Training! Whether you are an aspiring, new, or current startup founder, you are welcome to join this highly interactive show! From sales and marketing to building a community, their goal is to help you and your business succeed! You can catch this live or even rewatch previous episodes on their Facebook page here!

Homepreneur Workshop-Online Webinar

Have you ever wondered how some people earn enough income from home while being able to have free time for family and leisure? Learn from a group of stay at home moms and discover the cheapest way to start your online business and the current trends for homepreneurs. They also end this by leaving you with different free training sessions to guide you along the way! Register here to understand how to be a homepreneur! 

Asia-Pacific Transport Forum 2020

The pandemic has had a huge impact on transportation and human mobility. The new normal has made it much more difficult to reach different places as public transport is now extremely limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19. From 24 to 28 August 2020, ADB will be hosting a series of webinars which will bring together the expert community to discuss how they expect mobility under new normal conditions. This is a specialized event so all registrants will be screened. You may register here if you qualify as a target participant! 

If you have any upcoming webinars, let us know and we would gladly share it with our community! Here at Acceler8, we also hold webinars twice a month on things our community would like to learn more about. Topics differ from marketing and other industry insights to coffee hacks and home workouts! Make sure to like Acceler8’s Facebook page! You could access the past sessions on-demand and get updates on our upcoming online sessions.

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