No more back problems here in A8!

Good news and bad news everyone.

Bad news: “Sitting is the new smoking”

You’ve already probably heard that prolonged sitting can be extremely detrimental to your health. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even obesity have been linked to excessive sedentary behaviour. More intuitively, sitting for long periods of time just doesn’t feel good. We start to get uncomfortable, and can even experience sluggishness during crucial periods at work.

Good news: We can do something about it–because standing desks are coming to Acceler8!

Through a partnership with Stance Philippines, one of the first standing desk companies in the country,the members our community will be one of the first in the nation to try their new portable standing desks, the Levit8! Plus, we get an exclusive discount on their new desk as well as their bestselling desk the Stance Pro!

More about Stance Pro | More about Levit8

Levit8: Php 1,890.00 (Php 100.00 off)

Stance Pro: Php 11,990.00 (Php 1,100.00 off) 

Bring the Levit8 to your favorite coffee shop and slip it back in your bag anytime! Use the Stance Pro for your workspace and place your laptop, monitor, and other work materials on top!

For more information and workspace products, head over to Stance Philippines’ website:



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